Inequalities of Race and Ethnicity | GET SOLUTION

Discussion 6 – Inequalities of Race and Ethnicity 无未读答复。 无答复。 Discussion Posts checklist:   All Sections   No unread replies. No replies. Did I answer all the questions. Must write each questions, then answer that one question. Did I use at least two terms from the chapter in question. In my post, BOLDing each term so that everyone knows which terms I used. Is it long enough. Did I answer each question fully in sociological terms or did I just write a sentence without referring to the knowledge in the text book. Did I write in proper English and use proper netiquette According to the notes and text, we are ALL prejudiced. Yes, even you. Being prejudiced simply means that we pre-judge people and situations. We do this as a quick way to assess our surrounding and to maintain our safety. We like things that are predictable and easy to understand. Hence, we use schemas, stereotypes and prejudgments as an aid for negotiating life in an often very busy society. It is only when we discriminate based on our prejudgments that we can often go astray…. (and this happens a lot!) Part One: For this post, I would first like you to explore your likelihood of being prejudiced toward ethnic groups other than your own and with gender. Please visit the website below, take a look around, and then choose the race test and the gender test to assess your degree of prejudice towards those groups. You can either choose to take a demo test or register fully with the cite. Since this Discussion Board is about ethnicity and gender, I’d like you to focus on two tests re: ethnicity vs other types of assessment and the gender test. Once you’ve completed your test, 1) please report back to the group what you learned about yourself. Since admitting prejudicial attitudes is definitely NOT politically correct, you don’t have to give raw data and the exact results of your tests. 1a) I just want to know if you feel it matched what you thought and what you thought of the test/process…        (链接到外部网站。) Part Two: 2) For the second aspect of this DB, please discuss the concepts of prejudice and discrimination as related to race and ethnicity and to gender. 3) What have been your experiences with discrimination, inequality and the like? This can be either discrimination and inequality that you personally have been subjected to or things you’ve witnessed. 4) Do  you think it’s getting better? 5) Can we be a society that does not value discrimination to some degree? Do you think that there will always be someone that might be looked upon as the minority? 6) Given what you know about stratification and the relationship that education has to income and well-being, will indicators of well-being ever even out among the many different groups living in the US – why or why not? Last but not least, I’d like to hear what you think about the following question: 7) To what degree do you think ethnocentrism might sometimes be confused with racism? Posts should indicate that you have read and understood the material and utilize sociological concepts or examples from within the text/notes.

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 Inequalities of Race and Ethnicity | GET SOLUTION
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