How to write an explanatory essay

How to write an explanatory essay

Knowing how to express your opinion on an issue in writing is vital. That is why you should learn how to write an explanatory essay. Do you know how to come up with a breath-taking explanatory essay? If not worry not as this article will guide you step by step.

You need critical and creative thinking skills to write an enticing essay. This article will give you essential guidance on the tips for choosing appropriate explanatory essay topics, the outline, examples, and the differences between explanatory and argumentative essays.

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How to write an explanatory essay
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What is an explanatory essay?

An explanatory essay is a piece of writing where you give your opinion or point of view on a particular subject, topic, or situation. Its other name is an expository essay. This type of essay provides a neutral perspective on the topic.

An explanatory synthesis essay is writing that requires you to critically analyze and harmonize information from different sources to create a unified view with a thesis statement. You do not necessarily need to agree with the author, but you aim to provide analysis on the topic. Do not give any form of praise or criticism in your explanatory essay. Focus on exposing facts concerning the subject.

You are free to choose the angle of approach to your topic. Make sure you expose the subject in a manner that is debatable. Do not strive to persuade your readers; let them develop a perspective of their own concerning the topic.

Provide an in-depth analysis of the situation and give concrete reasons why things took that dynamic. Your readers will develop an opinion after going through your explanatory essay. Do not get disgruntled even if they do not subscribe to your point of view afterwards.

Expository writing is meant to enlighten your readers on an event. Most of the essays you do after schools are expository. Some of the examples of expository writings are;

  • Encyclopedia articles
  • Term papers
  • Scientific reports
  • Reports

Outstanding features of an explanatory essay

An explanatory essay has specific features that make it different from other types of essays. When writing, you have to adhere to them. The main characteristics include;

  1. Unbiased

You have to maintain a neutral ground. Do not persuade your readers to buy your opinion. Let them deduce their perspective after going through your explanatory essay.

State your facts and statistics to support your claim. The information should be reliable enough and balanced. Do not strive only to prove one side of your opinion. It would be appropriate if you did not show your emotions or feelings on the topic.

  1. Informative

Remember, your main aim is to give an analysis of a subject. So, it means you have to provide new information on top of what your readers already know. You need to dig deeper for them to learn something new.

You should give relevant illustrations and resounding examples in your writing. To achieve this, you must go through several reading materials to have enough knowledge. Do not state the obvious facts that your readers already know.

  • Impersonal

Avoid using the first-person pronoun “I.” Use the second-person pronoun “you .”This will aid in avoiding the personalization of your writing.

  1. Proper organization

Your points should be arranged in chronological order. For your reader to follow your explanatory essay, you must start from the most specific point to the most complex one. It would help if you also exercise the flow of ideas.

Write an eye-grabbing introduction, an elaborative body, and a conclusive summary. The sentence structure in the body must be flawless. Start with the topic sentence, followed by transitional sentences which contain evidence.

You can scribble down a rough copy of how you will write an explanatory essay. This will help you avoid mixing up when you get to the actual writing. Make sure you do not have overloaded paragraphs.

  1. Clarity

Use words that are very clear and easily understandable. This will enable your readers to grasp your opinion with ease. Avoid using ambiguous words. The subject you are writing about should be in simple terms.

Each paragraph should have a distinct point with relevant evidence supporting it. Ensure that your paragraphs remain short and to the point.

How is an explanatory essay different from an argumentative essay?

An argumentative essay is writing where you try to convince your readers that your argument is actual. From the definition of an explanatory essay, can you highlight some of its differences from an argumentative essay? Here are a few differences:

  1. An explanatory essay is neutral and unbiased, while an argumentative essay is subjective and biased
  2. In an explanatory essay, a thesis statement introduces the title, while in an argumentative essay, a thesis statement states the argument
  3. An explanatory essay uses a third-person point of view, while an argumentative essay uses a first-person point of view
  4. An explanatory essay provides information only, while an argumentative essay provides the writer’s unique ideas, statistics, and facts.

Common topics for explanatory essay

Tutors give out topics to learners depending on their level of education. You can also decide to choose a topic for yourself. Remember, to get good explanatory essay tips, refer to its characteristics. These topics revolve around technology, history, literature, science, social issues, and personal experiences.

For you to choose an excellent explanatory essay topic, consider the following;

  • The subject should not be general
  • The case must be relevant
  • The issue should not be vague
  • Select a topic that you can collect factual data on

These are some of the explanatory essay topics;

Explanatory essay for beginners

  • What qualities do you believe a friend should have?
  • Explain your dream home
  • What is happiness to you?
  • Describe your favourite car
  • What type of food do you love the most?
  • What do you consider when choosing a pet?
  • What is your tutor’s job description?
  • Who is the outstanding movie character in a movie you watched?

Intermediate explanatory essay topics

  • What was your favourite subject?
  • Who is your role model?
  • How does having a sibling influence someone’s personality?
  • What traditions do your family believe in?
  • Discuss how parents should support their children’s education life
  • What is your favourite sport?
  • What principles can tutors teach students?
  • Discuss a college you are looking to attend

Advanced explanatory essay topics

  • Explain your future career plans
  • Do you believe aliens exist?
  • What is the moral dilemma you have faced?
  • Describe the current generation
  • What’s your understanding of the universe?
  • How can you compute happiness?
  • Describe the change in fashion
  • Select a country of the world you would love to visit and give the reasons why
  • What are the cons of artificial intelligence?

Explanatory essay topics for college students

  • What are the technological advances in the last five years?
  • What life lessons have you learned?
  • How can you cope with financial constraints?
  • Explain the effects of cyberbullying
  • What is the difference between existing and living?
  • Why is religion the leading cause of war?
  • How can you distinguish what is good from what is wrong?
  • What is the most life-changing moment for you?
  • What is your code of ethics?
  • Select a planet and research on it
  • Explain any psychological disorder
  • What makes someone popular?
  • How can you perceive lies?
  • Would you love to be immortal? Why?
  • What are the causes and effects of mental health?

Explanatory essay outline

The outline varies depending on the length of information you want to give concerning the topic. An explanatory essay format has an introduction, body, and conclusion. You are not restricted on the number of paragraphs to provide pertinent details on the topic.

  • Explanatory essay introduction

Do you know how to write an explanatory essay introduction? Your introduction may contain a hook-up question or a piece of background information about your subject. You can still use both.

The main reason for using the hook question is to entice your readers. Give the topic background information, then finish by giving a relevant thesis statement. This will fix your essay and provide a clear direction on what will be discussed in the body.

The sentences should be unambiguous and to the point. Your introduction should be concise and informative. Do not explain your title to exhaustion. You can employ a literary brainstorming style like a proverb or a quote to introduce the topic.

You can decide only to provide the background information. By doing this, you are giving a firm foundation to your essay. You are not restricted on a particular method to use. Just make sure your reader can identify your subject at a glance.

  • The body

Your explanatory essay body should have around three to five paragraphs. Each section should have a valid topic sentence that has a central point. It should be followed by transitional sentences that are supportive.

You have to ensure that all your sentences have the same structure. An in-depth analysis of your topic should come out clearly in your paragraphs. Logically arrange your points. Avoid mixing up facts and explanations.

Provide facts and stick to the features of writing an excellent explanatory essay. Avoid very long paragraphs so that your readers do not get bored along the way. Present a position that supports your topic effectively.

Give evidence supporting your claim so your readers can join the dots. This will aid in strengthening your claim. Afterwards, give a concluding statement that sums up your opinion’s importance and ensure it is in line with your thesis statement. Remember to choose your words keenly to ensure the clarity of your essay.

Your readers should be able to deduce your points quickly. Do not start by expounding on an issue and then state it in the middle of the paragraph. This will demoralize your readers.

  • Conclusion

When concluding an explanatory essay, restate your thesis statement, highlight your main points and then give your concluding information. Repeating the thesis statement will remind your readers precisely about the topic you were working on. The points will act as supportive ideas for your thesis statement.

The concluding statement gives your perspective on the title. Do not add an extra point at this stage. Also, do not try to persuade your readers, just give your opinion and end your essay.

This outline gives an insight into how to start an explanatory essay. It will help you in writing an excellent explanatory essay example.

How to write an explanatory essay

Here is a guide on how you can write a very captivating explanatory essay;

  1. Select your essay structure

Before you start writing, you have to decide on the structure of your essay. An explanatory essay must have an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. The introduction is the first paragraph, followed by three to five body paragraphs and the concluding paragraph.

The introduction will contain a hook-up question and some background information on the subject. The body will stream in the flow and then a summative conclusion. This is the best essay format you can use.

  1. Begin with an outline

Write down a short outline before you get into serious writing. Assess your stand on the subject and write down points that will support your opinion. These points will form the body paragraph of your essay. Scribble down as many points as possible to help you give an in-depth analysis.

If you feel like the topic you chose does not have enough points, you can try another. You should have comprehensive knowledge and showcase prowess on the subject. Your case of choice should be more straightforward for you to expound on.

  1. Confirm the point of view requirement

An explanatory essay writing conforms to the use of the second-person pronoun. At times, the first and second pronouns are used depending on your instructions. An explanatory essay remains objective and unbiased.

This is to avoid the personalization of the essay. You use the second or third pronoun so that your readers feel included. This will help them react to the piece of writing with ease.

  1. Put your centre of attention clarity

When writing, focus on the use of simple language. Avoid using ambiguous terms that will give your readers time to understand your points. Do not use figurative language. State your facts in concise language.

The main aim of an explanatory essay is to provide new information. What will be the need for your information if at all your reader cannot understand you vividly? Your points should be easily identifiable. If you find it mind-cracking to explain a point, omit it from your writing.

  1. Craft your thesis statement

Stating a thesis statement is very vital for your essay. It will sum up what your explanatory essay is about. Make sure the message is in line with your topic. It will give your explanatory essay a sense of direction.

It can be a quote that summarizes your subject in one sentence. Avoid using very complicated statements that make it challenging to understand your main idea. You can play around with words to come up with something enticing.

  1. Come up with a captivating introduction

Are you wondering how to start an explanatory essay? In the introduction, you will give your hook-up question and background information about your topic and finish by presenting your thesis statement. Your introduction is like the light to your essay.

It is meant to capture your readers and make them glued to your work. Give them a short explanation of what to expect in the essay. Make it brief and to the point. This will make your readers want to know more about your topic in the following paragraphs.

  1. Write the body

As you transit from the thesis statement, this is where you find the real explanation. Ensure that the points you are going to write can provide support for your thesis statement. Keep the focus on the main topic.

Your points should flow in logical order. Each paragraph should have a specific point. Start with the topic sentence, followed by transitional sentences. Ensure you rise to the climax and provide resolutions. The importance of having a rough draft comes in handy under this section.

You will know what points have real depth and how to present them. You should do a thorough explanation with relevant evidence coming on board. You should not give your reader room to guess what you meant by stating a certain point.

  1. Use transitions in paragraphs

Keep in mind transitions as you continue writing. Use words and sentences to interconnect your paragraphs. Words like: moreover, therefore, additionally, secondly, furthermore, coupled with, however, likewise, equally crucial among others.

These words will provide your essay writing with a sense of direction. Your reader will also have an easy following through your writing. This interconnection between paragraphs makes it easy for you to avoid unnecessary repetition.

  1. Give supporting information

Providing facts are very crucial in your writing. This will help support your point of view. Research the title by reading articles and books that can give necessary information. You can also get information from the internet. 

You can cite where you get your information from. You should provide evidence for all your paragraphs. Give quotations and statistics from relevant individuals. The evidence is very crucial in your writing.

Do not state points that you cannot substantiate. Verify if they are factual before writing. This explains why you must research thoroughly to develop indisputable points. Name all processes you used to cite your research paper.

  1. Write the conclusion

To write a reasonable conclusion, restate your thesis statement, highlight your key points and provide a piece of concluding information. You can also leave your readers in suspense or pose a question for them to ponder. Your readers will have their perspective after reading your work.

The recap of the points will refresh the mind of your readers on the subject. This will help them decide on how they view that topic.

  1. Proofread and edit your essay

It is recommended that before you submit your explanatory essay, go through it to correct a few mistakes. Edit the mistakes to enhance their readability. This will also help you to know whether you have exhausted your main subject or not. You can also share with a closer person to help correct and rate your writing.

This polishing will help you identify and use words that bring out your opinion more transparently. You can also add points you could have left out. It will make your essay to be perfect.

An explanatory essay about covid-19

Covid-19, also known as Coronavirus, is a pandemic that has hit the world and affected people’s lives for approximately 18 months. It originated in China in 2019. It hit the world differently depending on the social status of the people. There are still countries experiencing waves of this killer disease.

Covid-19 made people Covid-19 led to the closure of schools and people working from home. Those institutions with the structure continue employing technology to continue their activities. Covid-19 reduced the vulnerable societies to nothing. Some areas have not been vaccinated up to now.

Nations with older populations like Italy, India, the United States of America, and Brazil were seriously ravaged by this virus. Hospitals were filled to the capacity, and there was a shortage of personnel to deal with this menace. Each country put in stringent measures to reduce the spread of the virus.

Places of worship were closed down, sporting activities came to a standstill, countries restricted international travel, and companies laid off their employees. With time, vaccines that provide immunity to the body against the virus were invented. Vaccines like Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson, and AstraZeneca exist.

Later, the world started opening with individuals taking the vaccines and booster jabs to enhance their immunities. In our society, there are still individuals who believe covid-19 is fake. They have even gone ahead to reject the vaccines the government is administering.

Students went back to school, fans resumed back on the field, churches reopened, and a sense of normalcy seemed to have set in. You should give your readers an insight into how this virus comes about.

How is covid-19 transmitted?

  • Through close contact between people

 The virus can spread from an infected person to another person when they breathe, sing, sneeze, or cough in tiny liquid drops. The release of these contaminated fluids can easily lead to the contraction of this deadly disease.

  • It can also be transmitted in a poorly ventilated room that has many people inside
  • When you touch surfaces or objects then touch your mouth, nose, and eyes, you are likely to contract covid-19 because the objects might contain the virus

Some side effects of covid-19 are fever, lack of appetite, cough, tiredness, headache, sore throat, shortness of breath, or difficulty breathing.

Prevention measures for covid-19

Prevention is better than cure. You can keep safe by;

  • Avoiding crowded areas
  • Wearing masks when you cannot keep distance
  • Keep distance at least 1 meter apart
  • Avoid touching surfaces in public areas
  • Frequently wash your hands kindly with soap and running water in taps, or you can also employ an alcohol-based sanitiser
  • You can also get vaccinated to reduce your chances of contracting the disease
  • Avoid poorly ventilated rooms

This article will give you an insight into how you can write an intriguing explanatory essay about this fatal disease. Here is a guideline for you;

Do background research

You can research about covid-19 by reading newspaper articles, academic writings, and internet websites. There is a lot of information on how to contract the disease, its side effects, and how you can keep safe from it. The data is everywhere.

Your research should leave no stone unturned. Your readers should have an eye-opener on the pandemic. Ensure that you work on all the aspects thoroughly. In your research process, do not be controlled by emotions but state facts and figures as they appear.

Plan your essay

Brainstorm through your points so that you cover them entirely. Decide on how you will plan them out. Ask yourself random questions on covid-19 and provide answers to those questions. These questions will provide a basis for your writing your explanatory essay.

Create an outline for your essay. You will have to arrange your points logically. For example, you define what covid-19 is and then how the disease is contracted afterwards. Finish off by stating the prevention measures. This outline will help your readers to follow your work easily. Provide illustrations where possible.

Compose your paragraphs

You will need to balance the news, academic articles’ evidence, and the theory of the course when writing about covid-19. How do you structure your paragraphs? Here it is;

  • Come up with a topic sentence that introduces the main point
  • Introduce your evidence in the following sentence
  • Use the following sentence to bring in your evidence which you got from the internet or from reading an article
  • In the next sentence, inform your reader how essential is the information you have given on covid-19
  • Give a sum up in the last sentence

Write down your essay

You have to provide facts and statistics about covid-19 and keep it academic. Your points have to be clear and to the point. You can quote relevant information you gathered. This is an informative piece of writing.

Do not be biased and avoid the use of the first-person pronoun. Go through your work to do away with any grammatical errors. The information should be verifiable. Reading through continuously will enhance the proper delivery of your data.

Following this format to write an essay on covid-19 will make it be an explanatory synthesis essay example. This is because it will provide a piece of incisive information about covid-19 that is not available at the disposable of your readers. As you may note, the points on covid-19 are facts, so you should strive to do the same in writing an explanatory essay.

Sum up

A captivating introduction, concrete body paragraphs, and summative conclusion will make your explanatory essay stand out. Considering all the aspects of remaining unbiased in your article goes a long way. Strive to always adhere to this essay format to score higher grades.

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