How to write a classification essay: Best guide

Your instructor will ensure you have the general instructions on a classification task but will rarely take the time to teach you how to write a classification essay. If you encounter such an assignment, don’t fret. This guide will help you effortlessly hone your skills in writing an impeccable classification essay.

The primary difference between classification essays and other essays is that the latter requires thorough research before writing. You are required to garner a lot of information and then organize it into categories. Sounds challenging? Don’t be daunted, it is very easy because your topic will be familiar, researchable, and interesting.

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How to write a classification essay: Best guide
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What is a classification essay?

The question ‘what is a classification essay?’ is a puzzle to many students. Well, it is an academic essay that classifies characters, objects, or ideas with similar characteristics into specific groups. Classification assignments are  mostly found in colleges, high schools, and higher education levels.

A good classification essay example is the choice to write about computer types. In this case, you must ensure each of your developmental paragraphs defines the characteristics of each different computer type. Breaking down the information in a classification essay makes more sense to the world.

The art of classification is applied in our day-to-day life and distinguishes between people or things based on their nature or properties. Classification essay examples free off the internet include classification topics on

  • Cats
  • Chums
  • Bodybuilders
  • Evolution of the motorcycle rider
  • PTA personalities
  • Gas pumper types
  • Types of dieters
  • Great and good books

Characteristics of a classification essay?

This type of an essay must possess and maintain a good flow and the three common unifying standards. These unifying standards are the bases for an excellent academic paper and are also known as characteristics of classification essay. They are

  1. The setting

A set that is considered for class must have authentic features. For instance, living organisms are classified into sets that differ from non-living things.

  1. The scheme

The scheme entails the principle of selection and adheres to the condition of standard, purpose, quality, or category. This classified definition revolves around the importance, applicability, and valuable way of appreciating the set of things under consideration.

  1. The classes

A class must begin with the description, identification of features of its members, and the significant differences. You are therefore required to use narration, description, definition, examples, and the appraisal methods of sorting.

Steps to writing a good classification essay

Many students find it challenging to write a classification assignment essay. This is mainly because they lack knowledge on how to write a classification essay. The following steps are to guide and ease your writing process

  1. Choosing your topic

What object or idea do you want to classify? This is the first step to choosing a good topic. When choosing your topic, consider

  • The number of classifications
  • Apparent groupings
  • Including the important classes only
  • Picking significant points in every cluster
  • Evaluating the significance of your chosen groups in supporting the topic
  1. Organizing your ideas

The major distinction between  classification essays and other essays is the need for extensive research. So, do you have sufficient information from your thorough research? If not, use the internet, mind-mapping, brainstorming, and focus groups to garner data that complete this essay.

  1. Writing your introduction

A classification essay introduction should contain an overview of what is to be discussed in the body. The introduction should

  • Not exceed 10% of your entire paper
  • Have a hook that attracts and engages the reader
  • Not include in-text citations to support data
  • Not cover data or specific examples
  1. Creating a thesis statement

If your classification paper lacks a thesis statement, it has no foundation. The thesis statement sets certain expectations for the readers, makes an arguable claim, and affirms focal arguments concisely.

  1. Selection of categories

Are you wondering which task is important in this essay? Well, adequate grouping makes your classification essay clearer. Ensure that you avoid shallow information by combining classes with the same traits. Also, ensure that you have sufficient classes to make your written paper clear.

  1. Good body paragraphs

Do you want to learn a perfect way of communicating information precisely and effectively? Well, construct a good classification paragraph that clearly describes the subcategories of your topic while comparing and contrasting them to each other. Always begin a paragraph with a topic sentence to let the reader know what the paragraph is all about.                                                                                                                     

Your body paragraphs should be guided by the categories you identified earlier on. Your paragraphs should contain enough details and valid evidence to support the primary ideas. Don’t forget that the flow of ideas should be good. This is achieved by

  • Starting each paragraph with a topic sentence
  • Using real-life examples to validate your claims in your opening statement
  • Make your paper more compelling by including two or three explanation sentences
  • Ending every section with a linking statement
  1. Developing a summary

Your ending paragraph in your classification division essay should summarize all the main ideas. This summary involves mentioning the classes to make the paper more valid. Remember also to include your final comment for each classification and

  • Avoid redundancy
  • Avoid introducing new information
  • Reaffirm your thesis statement
  • Revise your thesis statement

Do you want your classification assignment to capture the main ideas present in the body paragraphs? You must revise your thesis statement to ensure your essay is not weak or less compelling. By doing this, you improve the quality of knowledge of classification essays.

  1. Writing of the final draft

A classification essay outline is fine-tuned to eliminate spelling and grammatical errors. After reviewing the first draft and proofreading, these possible flaws are done away with. The secret to successfully making the process easier and more effective is using a rubric.

Steps to fine-tuning the outline off this essay

  • Begin by reading the entire essay and identifying the probable gaps in the logical flow of ideas
  • Edit lengthy sentences to make them more readable
  • Rewriting verbose sentences for clarity when reading
  • Removing complex phrases and words to classify the message hence improving the quality of your classification essay
  • Proofreading your work to examine for relevance and correctness
  1. Peer reviewing

Do you want the final approval of your classification essay structure? You will achieve this by giving your completed essay to your friends or relatives to read and critique. Be open to criticism and make any changes that might arise.

What is the structure of a classification essay?

If you want to write a good division essay, you must have a good classification essay structure. This structure will enable you to organize your thoughts as you write. The structure makes it easy for your reader to understand the essay and where to find the information when reading.

There are different types of essay frame work you can use to structure your essay. These formats help you arrange your information, and they include

  • Chronological – this involves discussing things in an orderly manner
  • Cause and effect -this involves explaining the cause of something and its effects
  • Problem and solution- this involves presenting your problem and then offering a solution to that problem
  • Contrasting and comparing-this involve discussion of differences and similarities
  • Classification-division- this involves sorting out your information into categories and topics.

Tips for writing a good classification essay

Do you want your essay to be one of the top examples of classification essays? Here are some tips that help you remain the top dog

  1. Defining your categories

For your classification essay to be compelling, ensure to define every category. Remember also to list down all the main characteristics and discuss them thoroughly.

  1. Use of examples

Classification essay examples will make your essay more compelling hence use them extensively. Ensure that your examples are equal in number in each category.

  • Technique

Do you desire to evaluate all your concepts and ideas exhaustively? Then use the comparing and contrasting technique to pinpoint the differences and similarities between your defined categories.

If you don’t want to omit critical ideas, you can use the tree-diagram technique. This method supports the generation of adequate concepts and ideas.

  1. Unified criteria of classification

For a compelling classification essay, you must set the standards before beginning the writing process. This helps to improve the applicability of your essay. Don’t shy away from the governing principles of a class; it is the only way to ensure clarity.

  1. Sentence structureWRI

 You don’t want a contradicting and vague paper, right? Do you want to keep incomplete phrases in your classification essay at bay? Proofreading is the secret.

Writing a classification essay outline

After you have gathered your data, you must create a classification essay outline. This is done by jotting down the main ideas and presenting a logical connection between them. When creating an outline, always eliminate all the mediocre ideas to avoid being vague

Creating an outline for your classification essay is considered a pre-writing phase. This is done to ensure that ideas flow logically and there is clarity in your essay. A classification essay outline is divided into the following sections

  • Introduction

A classification essay introduction must have a hook to entice the reader. It also mentions what is to be categorized and the purpose of that essay. The introduction is closed with a thesis statement. Your thesis statement identifies your groups and offers a brief explanation of the criteria for each.

  • Body paragraphs

The length of the paragraphs in your classification essay should vary from 3 to 5 sentences. Each paragraph should deal with a specific category to avoid confusion. Remember to offer relevant examples to make your claim more credible. You can also mention the strengths and weaknesses of your claim.

  • Conclusion

The introduction of new information in your conclusion is a no, no! You are supposed to conclude by summarizing the ideas discussed in the body. Don’t be too wordy in your conclusion; else, you deviate from the topic of discussion.

Transitional phrases in a classification essay

Do you want to maintain a logical flow of your ideas? The key is using transitional phrases. Some of the common transitional phrases in a classification essay include

  • The first kind, the second kind, and the third kind
  • The first group, the second group, and the third group
  • The first category, the second category, and the third category

Examples of classification essay topics

Are you ready to write a flawless intriguing classification essay? Here are a few fresh and genuine classification essay topics that will propel you to the top

  • Most irritating songs
  • College fraternities
  • Dancing styles
  • Friends in need
  • Vacations
  • First date
  • Ways of apologizing
  • World religions
  • Stress-coping strategies
  • Compliments
  • Cinema-goers
  • Laughter sounds
  • Psychological disorders
  • Parenting styles
  • Sitcoms
  • Tipping in restaurants
  • Happy couples
  • Pets
  • Roomies
  • clubbers
  • Sports fans
  • Rare species of animals
  • Bosses
  • YouTube videos
  • Common phobias
  • Stereotypes
  • Facebook users
  • Meals that may result in diabetes
  • Friendship and love
  • Extreme sports

Personal classification essay topics

What is easier, writing about yourself or an abstract object? Writing about oneself is easy because there is nothing to imagine. You know yourself; hence, there is much to say. If you are stuck and unable to choose a personal classification essay topic, here are some ideas to get you started

  • Your favorite personality from real life
  • Your sources of inspiration
  • Life-changing stories that transformed you
  • Your favorite success tale
  • Your personal goals
  • Your favorite book character
  • Modern cultural trends in your home country
  • Your modern role model
  • Past role models and their relevance to you
  • Maximum and minimum things you need for living
  • Your preferred leisure activities
  • Your strengthening motivational quotes
  • Your secretly coveted motivational speech
  • The teacher who inspires you
  • The most influential individual in your life
  • Your place in the world
  • Your culture and ancestry
  • Your internet hobbies
  • Your favorite website

Do you know how to categorize classification essay topics?

Categorization is a major task in writing classification essays. Do you know how to categorize broad topics? If you don’t, here is a sample of categorized classification essay topics

Topic Categories
Sports Hockey, soccer, badminton, cricket
Comedy Romantic comedy, teen comedy, dark comedy
Political regime Authoritarian, democratic, totalitarian
First dates Bar date, coffee date, movie date
Christmas gifts Impulsive gifts, unique gifts, emotional gifts
Motivation Intrinsic motivation, extrinsic motivation
Dancing styles Moonwalking, break dancing, hip gliding

Definition of a division classification essay

This might sound odd and redundant, but a division classification essay is an essay whose aim is to break large subjects into small ones for easier understanding, while a classification essay takes the items and puts them down into different categories.

Classification and division essays group events, people, or objects into categories according to the characteristics they share. You are supposed to start the process with a group of people or things and then break it down into types or subgroups.

A division essay examines functionality hence, uses process as a method frequently. The distinction between a process easy and a division essay is the focus on the interrelationship of the processes. This occurs within the total system and the subsystem.

Steps to writing an effective classification or division essay

You finally got the answer to your question, ‘what is a classification and division essay?’ Right? Now it is time to investigate the steps of writing a classification and division essay. There are several steps to this type of writing, and they include

  • Establishing a topic

When it comes to classification and division essay topic selection, ensure that the topic is general. This gives room for breaking it down into subgroups or classification

For instance, a topic on music can be broken down into different music genres, including rock, country-western, classical, folk, rhythm, blues, etcetera.

  • Presenting a clear thesis

Clarity of the thesis means it should be able to communicate the subject of your classification essay and identify your categories.

  • Following an organizational pattern

Do you want to write a logical classification essay? You will achieve this by having a classification essay outline your groups and characteristics.

  • Using transitions

The use of transitional words will help your reader easily follow your groupings and understand your essay since ideas flow naturally.

  • Drawing your conclusion

Your classification essay conclusion should be humorous, creative, and brief. Don’t introduce any novice data in the conclusion, and don’t forget to restate the thesis statement.

Examples of classification and division essay topics

Do you find it difficult to develop classification and division essay topics? The secret is choosing an easily divisible topic into categories. For inspiration in coming up with your unique topics, here are some sample topics for you

  • Types of fashion brands
  • Ways to acquire easy moola
  • Types of social media
  • Types of self-care
  • Strategies of coping with stress
  • Types of travelers
  • Ways of staying productive
  • Marketing strategies
  • Types of cyber attacks
  • Eco-friendly activities
  • Types of memes
  • Types of gamers
  • Teenage spending habits
  • Best inventions since sliced bread

Mistakes to avoid when writing a classification essay

Classification essay topics require careful handling to avoid some common pitfalls. Please be careful with handling the scheme, the set, and the classes. During the writing process of a classification essay, pay attention to

classification essay

  1. Confusing models

Do you often confuse classification essays with example essays? You are human and prone to mistakes, so take it easy. The secret when handling these topics is to use an example that illustrates a class.

  1. Lack of support

For a compelling classification essay, you must identify a class and describe its unique traits. Ensure that every paragraph discusses the class, stated as the topic sentence, and how they fit into the principle of selection.

  • The usage of too many categories

Don’t use too many categories if you want to hone your generalization skills. This interferes with the criteria for classification and with your main ideas. This is a common mistake among students when writing a classification essay.

  1. Using scarce categories

Using fewer categories in your essay is a grave mistake. You mostly end up omitting a crucial object, interfering with the purpose of your classification essay.

  1. Lack of unified criteria for classification

If you lack uniformity in your classification criteria, you will confuse your readers with the information you put across. Try having a great governing principle in your classification process.

  1. Use of an uneven number of examples

A good classification essay has an even number of examples. In case of an uneven number of classification essay examples, the rest of the categories look less important.

Structural and language mistakes when writing a classification essay

A good classification essay structure begins from the paragraph level and the sentence level. You don’t want to submit a mediocre essay, do you? To avoid getting a low grade, observe the following

  1. Sentence structure

The most common mistakes in a classification topics are the broken pieces and run-on sentences in your sentence structure. An incomplete structure has no subject-predicate unit and doesn’t express an idea fully despite ending with a punctuation mark and beginning with a capital letter.

Run-on sentences in a classification essay have two subject-predicate units joined without conjunction and lack the proper punctuation. To make sense, you must create two individual sentences or add a conjunction.

  1. Text structure

Lack of text structure in a classification research means poor paragraph coordination, resulting in a meaningless essay. The only way to make your essay easy to read is to organize your introduction, body paragraph, and conclusion in a manner that creates good meaning.

To sum up

Before reading this guide, your quest to know how to write a classification essay seemed like a nightmare, right? Not to sugarcoat anything, but the writing process is time-consuming and energy-draining. This guide is meant to equip you with adequate knowledge of formatting a classification essay and good organizational skills.

The good thing is that there are professionals who can complete the task if you feel tired or unmotivated. Reading the guide means you can write your classification essay or dictate what is to be written for your assignment. Either way, you become more knowledgeable, and your essay is bound to mirror your brilliance.

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