Personal Narrative | GET EXPERT ANSWER

personal narrative with feelings and memories using the pronoun I.double space and 1 inch margins.Use double-spacing, standard one-inch margins, and a font no larger than the equivalent of Times New Roman 12. Your final draft should contain at least 750 words. Now that you’ve learned about the requirements of a personal narrative essay, it’s time for you to write your own. Remember that a personal narrative should focus on the feelings, memories, and experiences of the author?you?and should tell a story about the author?s life. Be sure to review all of the information below before submitting your essay. Does my introduction attempt to ?hook? the reader? Does my essay have a clear and specific thesis statement? Does my essay accurately tell my story? Does my essay indicate why I?m telling my story? Have I described only my own experiences? Have I used the first-person point of view (the pronoun ?I?) throughout the essay? Have I clearly indicated where paragraphs begin and end? Does each of my paragraphs support my thesis statement? Does my conclusion summarize and give closure to my essay? Have I effectively proofread my essay? Have I met the length requirement? Is my essay formatted according to the instructions?

Aug 14th, 2021


Integrating Evidence from Research | GET EXPERT ANSWER

When you work with research in your writing, you should make the same preparations. Writers use the following order to integrate their sources into their writing. Read these three elements and then review the examples below: 1. Introduce (dig hole & prepare soil): Prepare your paper for the piece of research by crafting an introduction or signal phrase that sets the tone or positions the research for readers. This is also a good time to consider what readers need to know or might want to know about the source, like where it?s from and what makes the source credible. 2. Add Source (set tree in hole): Insert the research by summarizing, paraphrasing, or quoting, and cite it correctly in MLA style with quotation marks if it?s a direct quote and an in-text citation that corresponds to a works cited entry on your works cited page. 3. Comment (backfill, tamp, & water): Conclude the integration by commenting on the research, explaining it (if it?s a particularly dense piece of writing), connecting it to your main point, reacting to it if it?s particularly shocking or insightful, comparing it to other sources, or synthesizing it.

Aug 14th, 2021

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