Medicine and Health

Telemedicine | GET EXPERT ANSWER

Telemedicine can be extremely beneficial for people living in isolated regions and is currently being applied in virtually all medical domains. To address major health issues related to affordability, access, and quality of care, healthcare providers need to consider telemedicine as a reliable option when access to traditional medicine is difficult and out of reach. Healthcare providers, however, must consider legal and ethical issues when planning, designing, and implementing telemedicine. Key among these issues is those of patient confidentiality, privacy, data security, and transmission. How does telemedicine differ from the traditional medicine? What are other legal or ethical issues involved in telemedicine? Which of these issues, in your opinion, will be the most difficult to address? What technologies or infrastructure are necessary for the successful practice of telemedicine? What obstacles can prevent healthcare providers from seeing telemedicine as a reliable option, even when access to traditional medicine is difficult or out of reach?

Aug 14th, 2021

Medicine and Health

Anatomy and Physiology of Alzheimer’s Disease | GET EXPERT ANSWER

describe the anatomy structure and physiology function of a normal healthy individual and then compare to a person who is afflicted with the disease, how is homeostasis out of balance.

Aug 14th, 2021

Medicine and Health

Possible Inherent Coercion in Clinical Trials | GET EXPERT ANSWER

its a global problem essay and my research is on the specific problem of possible inherent coercion in clinical trials due to lack of education or healthcare in overseas trials .. the ethical aspects.. and a solution to make it more ethical and including all in trials The final submission of your written paper should be submitted here. This assignment should include the following: Abstract Introduction Provide an overview outlining the significance of the issue related to your field of study Literature Review Conclude this section with a concise statement of the problem based upon the literature Diversity & Ethics Cultural Perspectives & Inequities Ethical Implications Proposed Solution Conclusion Reference List

Aug 14th, 2021

Medicine and Health

Pathopharmacology for healthcare professionals | GET EXPERT ANSWER

1. The pediatrician writes the following order for a child: Tylenol 160 milligrams ?PO? PRN for pain q 6 hours. The Pharmacy fills the order with 80 milligrams per milliliter. How many milliliters per dose will you give? 2. Mucomyst 300 milligrams ?PO? X one dose before surgery is ordered. This drug is delivered with 600 milligrams/2 milliliters. How many milliliters will you administer? 3. An order is written for a GI solution 150 milligrams by mouth every six hours for 24 hours. The Pharmacy sends 75mg/3ml. How many ml will you administer per 24 hours? 4. Aspirin comes in 81 mg tablets. The physician has ordered 162 mg to be administered every four hours. How many tablets will you give in a 24 hour period? 5. The doctor order reads; Digoxin 250 mcg ?PO? 4 x daily. The label reads 1 tablet equals 0.25 mg. How many tablets will you administer per day? 6. The NSAID Naproxen has been prescribed for a patient, 1375 milligrams per day in divided doses. Each tablet contains 0.275 grams. How many tablets are given for this daily dose? 7. The physician orders Lovenox 1mg/kg every 12 hours. The patient weighs 196 pounds. Lovenox is available as 100 milligrams per milliliter. What is the patient?s weight in kilograms? How many milligrams of Lovenox will you give per dose? 8. The pediatrician writes the following Azithromycin order for a child weighing 36 pounds: 10 milligrams/kilograms on day 1, then 5 milligrams/kilograms on days 2-5. Calculate the daily dose for day 1: Calculate the daily dose for days 2-5: 9. The Nurse Practitioner has ordered 100 milligrams of Dilantin “PO” every 8 hours for a patient weighing 180 pounds. The label on the drug container reads 250 milligrams per 5 milliliters. How many milliliters will you give per dose? 10. Amoxicillin suspension 750 mg is ordered every eight hours. The liquid medication is available labeled 250 mg/ 5 milliliters. How many milliliters should you give?

Aug 14th, 2021

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