English Literature

Rogerian Field Test Discussion | GET EXPERT ANSWER

?Share your Rogerian Argument field test. Proceed in this order: 1. First, what was the occasion of the disagreement (context, background)? 2. Second, describe how you employed these four steps of Rogerian argument with your “adversary” (I prefer the term “partner”). Again, here are the steps you must follow during your conversation with the person: a. Summarize the grievance between you and your partner. b. State your partner’s position. Make sure he or she agrees that you’ve stated correctly his/her position. c. Grant the validity of his or her position. [This is the crucial element of the dialogue, as it builds goodwill and a bridge toward resolution. Be sure to state clearly and in detail how much you respect and empathize with your partner’s position.] d. Show how his or her position will be improved if he or she also accepts your position. 3. Finally, how did your partner in the discussion respond? Was the grievance resolved, stayed same, escalated? ?

Aug 14th, 2021

English Literature

Lucille Clifton’s “Homage to My Hips”ÿ | GET EXPERT ANSWER

Choose ONE of the topics below on the poems that have been assigned over the last several weeks and write a double-spaced essay (500 to 1,000 words) supporting an interpretation of the poem. Use the sample essays in your Literature text, as well as the handouts as guides. You can choose a formalist approach or any of the contextual approaches, but be sure to support your thesis with evidence from the poem itself. Also, be sure that you explain how that evidence fits your interpretation. You are trying to convince your reader that your way of approaching the poem is a reasonable one. Your essay should be at least 750 words long and should be double-spaced. Your essay should have a title, a hook or pull in to start the introduction, and a clear thesis statement with a claim and point of support. Each paragraph should begin with a topic sentence that is a claim about the poem that is related to your thesis statement. You should use carefully selected words, phrases, images, figures of speech, etc. as evidence to support your claims. All evidence should be supported by explanation and argument as well. Quoted material should be placed in quotation marks and followed by the line number or numbers in parentheses. Your paper should also contain a conclusion and a Works Cited page. You might also check out the Online Writing Lab at Purdue University for help in writing about poetry (type OWL and Purdue into Google and, if prompted, choose the link that says “Non Purdue instructors and students). Finally, check out the numerous examples of student essays in your anthology.

Aug 14th, 2021

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