What Is A Commemorative Speech?

What Is A Commemorative Speech?

What is a commemorative speech? This is one of the most common search questions searched by students worldwide. But fortunately, you have landed on the ultimate guide on a commemorative speech. By the end of this blog, you will learn the types of commemorative speeches, how to write a commemorative speech, commemorative speech topics, and a commemorative speech outline. Read on.

Types of speeches

Persuasive speech

Persuasive speech is a kind of speech that is quite common. A compelling speech involves almost every medical, political, and other field. A persuasive speech is connected to the audience; therefore, the speakers must mean the audience halfway. A speaker controls the persuasive speech, which significantly depends on what they say. Thus, a persuasive speech requires maximum attention and a sheer understanding of the audience.

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What Is A Commemorative Speech?
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A persuasive speech mainly entails the three traditional essential elements, i.e., ethos, logos, and pathos. You will bolster your persuasive speech power by incorporating the elements mentioned above.

Informative speech

The informative speech focuses on discussing places, events, people, places, and events. Informing speeches on a specific title or subject without being persuasive is a difficult task to handle. For instance, when discussing the legalization of cannabis Sativa, you will need to cover both negative and positive effects. A persuasive speech would like to take a stand between the advantage and disadvantages of Cannabis Sativa.

 What is a Commemorative Speech?

A commemorative speech is a kind of public aimed at celebrating a person, place, or event. Most college students are tasked with delivering commemorative essays, mostly during their graduation. You will be required to show gratitude towards your alma matter, family, professors, or classmates. In such cases, you will have to write your mind on the crucial moments you have been through in college life.

A commemorative speech requires you to focus on the topic’s past, present, and future details. For example, you can discuss loyalty, courage, wisdom, etc. You could also be tasked with delivering a eulogy or an award acceptance speech. That is basically what is a commemorative speech. Let us take a look at how to start a commemorative speech.

How to Start a Commemorative Speech?

You could be thinking, why do you need to master how to write a commemorative speech? This is because when you master how to write the introduction of a commemorative essay, you are halfway there. Holding an audience’s attention is not a cakewalk; beginning with the appropriate tone will help you earn that. Take heed of these tips on how to start a commemorative speech.

Begin with a compelling story or anecdote

Sharing a compelling story and relatable anecdote is one of the most effective ways to grab your audience’s attention and hook them to listen to you from the beginning to the end.

Studies show that humans are conditioned to listen and love stories. A story will compel them to learn more and understand more about your topic. This is the primary reason the most effective way to teach children moral lessons is through stories. A child can easily place themselves inside the given story and relate to it seamlessly.

Note that since you have decided to start your commemorative speech with a compelling story, it ought to be brief, with the correct details and the proper language that will enchant your audience’s emotions. Your story must also be accurate, relatable, and contain the appropriate message.

You could optionally begin your commemorative speech by sharing your individual experience or an anecdote that will back up the information in your speech. When you share your personal experience, you will make the listeners feel your authority and authenticity and connect your personal experience with their life experiences.

Use an intriguing metaphor or famous quote

Instead of begging your commemorative speech normally, you can opt to begin with a metaphor or a famous quote. Several famous quotes, especially those of notable figures such as Mahatma Gandhi, and Nelson Mandela, can be used to build motivation and interest.

In some other cases, you can use a quote you learned from a friend or family member. As long as one can easily relate to it, you can always throw it in your commemorative speech. For instance, if you learned a great lesson from your dad or grandad and the advice changed your life for the better, you should throw it on

Using a metaphor to start your commemorative speech will grab bath attention of your listeners by their ear and make your introduction more compelling.

Pose a question

When you start your commemorative speech introduction with an intriguing and smart question on your audience, you are sure to get them entirely hooked as you will signal for them to engage or participate in whatever you are going to present.

Alternatively, you could ask several rhetorical questions since such questions activate the listeners’ brains and have them think about the appropriate answers. You can explain more about the answers. When starting your commemorative speech, asking your audience relevant questions will make them want to know you more and pay more attention to whatever you want to say.

Start with an interesting fact

This one works almost all the time. An interesting fact or an intriguing statistic will grab your listener’s attention. Spend time researching the facts, so before you say it, you are sure of it, and you can anticipate the audience’s reaction.

Your audience might assume you have no idea what you are talking about and might also damage your credibility and authority. This is an effective strategy, but you must also be careful whenever you use it.

Humour is key

Humour works all the time. If you can have your audience cracking ribs for the first few seconds, then you are always likely to gain their attention and have them listen to you all the way through.

Humour brings a sense of warmth, closeness, and relatability. You will build an audience rapport as the audience get more interested in what you are saying. They will also be eager to react to moments and react to your jokes, thus creating the perfect atmosphere If you decide to start your commemorative speech about parents with humor, you should keep a few things in mind.

  • Do not make a joke about other people’s misery, especially the part of your audience
  • Don’t use a mean or rude joke
  • Don’t use plain jokes
  • Understand your audience. If you want to start your speech with humor and think the humor might not work, you should just let it slide.

Create the perfect picture

Asking your audience to picture a scenario allows them to create a mental image of a situation or person.

When you use the word “imagine,” it entails a lot of meaning, and it is wide; thus, you will be leading the audience’s mind towards the imaginative planet. When you describe the situation, you will place the listener in the center of a scene and let them understand your perspective. You will be holding your audience by the hand in your creative, imaginative journey.

This topic is practical when you want to introduce your commemorative speech and you want your audience to imagine a certain scenario.

Make a bold statement

Do not be like any other speaker. One of the worst things you can do is aim at generic statements. A generic opening statement will give you the impression that you are unimaginative and bored.

Begin your speech with a bold statement that no one will expect, and relate it throughout your speech. A bold statement will give you more confidence, and your audience will jump on it till the end.

3 crucial Factors to Remember in how to write a Commemorative Speech

At this point, you have already learned how to start a commemorative speech. Keep in mind the following factors;

Add a personal touch

A typical commemorative essay structure entails what you wish to celebrate, how it has affected others, and how you believe it will have a long-lasting impact on other people. You could include anecdotes and personal stories to make the speech more relatable and appealing.

Stick to the subject and audience

A lot of people will hear your commemorative speech from strangers, classmates, and even parents. You will need to have all the details at hand and understand who you are talking to and how they can relate to your speech, and how they could react to it. Respect the topic and stick to the audience.

Be wise and intelligent with your words

The audience is always intelligent, and you can quickly tell when a speaker is giving a speech if the audience is interactive, bored with the speech, or doesn’t think the speech is important.

Using your words well will display your tone, body language, and confidence. You should use your heart to show pure and genuine thanks to the people you want to thank for the help they offered you. Be appropriate, relatable, and thoughtful in your speech.

Characters of a Good commemorative speech

To understand what is a commemorative speech you need to understand the characteristics of a good commemorative speech. So, what is the fundamental purpose of a commemorative speech? A perfect commemorative speech is to hook the audience and make them listen attentively from the start to the end. Here are the characteristics of an ideal commemorative speech;


This is quite obvious. Your commemorative speech ought to be natural and positive. An unnatural and boring commemorative speech will not do well with the audience. You always try to bring out the best moments of your life. Even if they are just recent moments, make them as lively as possible. When giving a commemorative speech to college students, you should always be optimistic and motivating.


The other crucial part of giving a commemorative speech is to be intriguing and inspire the audience. You will want to make sure that your audience will understand and feel your appreciation for everyone who helped you. Inspiration is one of the critical objectives of a commemorative speech.


This works in two ways. First, you can be creative, ditch all the cliches, and throw in an interesting fact or controversial topic that will trigger the audience. On the other hand, you can also be intriguing and choose funny commemorative speech topics 


You have to keep the connection with your audience alive and share some common memories or any recent events that the audience can relate to. You should be more specific in each example you give. You don’t want the audience to not resonate with the story you are giving.

How to select a Good Commemorative Speech Topic

You might be thinking about what is a good topic for a commemorative speech. Choosing a commemorative speech topic is crucial if you want to succeed in delivering an excellent commemorative speech. Here are the tips on how to select a good commemorative speech topic.

Research. Research. Research

Research is a no-brainer. You need to research various sources and look for topic ideas. You can look for previous commemorative speech ideas and other students’ performances. You will find several sources like YouTube.


You can brainstorm ideas yourself. Take a piece of paper and start thinking of other commemorative speech ideas

Understand your audience

You need to understand the audience. That way, you can quickly adapt your commemorative speech and understand what you will be doing during the ceremony.

Relevant topic

You need to select a relevant topic. If you have an appropriate topic m then delivering the speech will become easier.

Unique topic

You need to choose a unique topic. You have to ensure that your topic has not been used before, especially not with the audience.

Another quick hack to find a perfect commemorative speech topic is to seek the help of a commemorative speech writing speech service that could help you through the writing of an excellent commemorative speech. All you have to do is ask, “write my commemorative speech.”

What is a commemorative speech: Commemorative Speech Outline

A commemorative speech is similar to any other piece of writing. It follows an identical part and structure. You should begin your speech by explaining the relevance of your speech topic.

You should make your commemorative speeches as interesting as possible to grab the audience’s attention. If you are talking about someone, you can share something good they did for you or told you. If your speech is about an event, you should discuss how it brought people together and motivated them.


Talk about the achievements of a person. Explain the contributions you made and give examples. Tell the audience the essence of these achievements and how they have benefitted people? How are these accomplishments valuable to the audience?


Explain the reasons for paying tribute to the people in question. Why are they important figures in your journey? What do they deserve? And be specific about why they deserve the honour in that particular event.

Make the audience relate. Create a clear picture of the person you are talking about in the audience’s mind. If you are talking about a person, make the audience understand what it takes to be that person. What can they adopt about the individual you are talking about?

Top Tips for Writing a good Commemorative Speech

Most students ask what is the general purpose of a commemorative speech? A commemorative speech is a common way to celebrate an event, person, or place or celebrate a critical societal figure. That speech needs to be genuine, meaningful, and with the utmost respect.

Your key objective is asking the audience to reflect on the event or phenomena. You also want to show your gratitude and motivate the audience. You can fill in the speech with emotions, hope, and full of information.

Select a topic

A commemorative speech should focus on detailing the achievements of the palace, event, or palace. You should therefore choose a theme that is familiar to the audience and one that can be easily remembered. You should think about the effects of the topic on you.


Before you get down to “what is a commemorative speech” and writing a commemorative speech, you can brainstorm what you can add to your commemorative speech. You should use a checklist on what to include in your commemorative speech. Here are some key elements to use when brainstorming ideas

  • What would you want them to talk about if someone else is giving us a commemorative speech?
  • What would you want to hear if you were hearing someone else talking?
  • What is the main information? Ideas, memories about the event, person, or place you wish to share with a wider audience.
  • How will you well articulate the importance of the person, event, or place with other people?
  • What was this place, event, or person to you? What is this place, event, or person to your audience? What key relationships will you want to highlight?

Create an Outline

After understanding what is a commemorative speech and selecting a topic, you must craft a commemorative speech outline. An outline should outline all the important details and check the details to see if you highlight key points that highlight what you intend to share about the topic. You can twist and fix the outline until you are sure that it is tailor-made to match your executions and intentions. 

Write a catchy hook

You should begin your commemorative speech with a hook or catchy statement. Share Key Details you could begin by stating the significance of a person, event, or place in question. You should say clearly that your main objective is to focus the attention on the vital topic for the primary purpose of commemorative speeches. You must establish a personal relationship with the business right from the start. We figurative language and let your feelings ebb and flow.

Conclude Naturally

You need to structure your commemorative speech so that it flows naturally and the audience can follow closely the details you are giving. Remember, the key objective of commemorative speech is to commemorate and highlight the speech and show what has been the impact on the event, place error person. You should use a call to action designed to inspire the audience and ask them to follow a good example.

 40 Commemorative Speech Topics

At this point, you probably understand what is a commemorative speech and how to write a commemorative speech. To make everything easier for you, here is a list of commemorative speech topics you can use. We have also attached a similar free commemorative speech example.

  • Show respect to the greatest travelers that ever lived (Christopher Columbus, Vasco da Gama)
  • A relative’s childhood or upbringing
  • Best technology inventions
  • A speech that demonstrates how to plan a wedding
  • How a relative got into their career and details about it
  • About a relative’s relationship with a pet
  • Celebrate the legalization of gay marriages
  • Commemorate the lives lost on 9/11
  • Paying tribute to a big movement (Women’s rights movement, the civil rights movement)
  • A time you and your team won a match due to the support of the College
  • Paying tribute to an important personality, dead or alive (Martin Luther King, Barack Obama)
  • Celebrating the values of a religion (Buddhist values)
  • Eulogy for a professor at your college
  • A broad look at a relative’s life
  • A speech honoring the life of Martin Luther King.
  • A first-hand account of your relationship with a relative
  • A “where are they now” story
  • Buying your first house
  • Respect
  • A speech about a relative’s last wishes or dreams
  • About a relative’s marriage or family life
  • An act of compromise that marked the start of you becoming a mature and evolved person
  • Celebrate human courage, or a courageous act in a challenging situation by policemen, firefighters, veterans
  • Maid of honor speech
  • The selflessness of a teacher or parent, their dedication, and love
  • Queen Elizabeth and her life

Paying tribute to a family member

  • A speech for the school board to get funding for the school dance
  • A relative’s involvement in a historical event, such as a war or movement
  • Father of the bride speech
  • Provide an example of loyalty by discussing war comrades
  • A speech telling the people where they can find the work of Vincent Van Gogh
  • Women who changed the world for the better
  • Teamwork
  • Remembering your grandmother
  • The series of events that lead to you and your classmates becoming a family
  • Speak about your transformation both spiritually and intellectually after starting College
  • What does freedom mean to you?
  • Speak on the importance of hope (NASA’s Apollo 13 survival mission)
  • A prominent event from your hometown

Free Commemorative Speech Examples

If, after understanding what is a commemorative speech and selecting a commemorative speech topic, you have no idea how to write a commemorative speech, here is an example. No matter the commemorative speech you choose, this example could be handy.

Grandpa Jack was a career firefighter who served his community for his whole adult life. In my opinion, it is only reasonable that he relocated to the north to retire, given that most individuals do the inverse. He craved the cold after so many years of feeling the heat. How did he get into the fire service in the first place? You’ll never believe it. “This is what he has to say… “

November 20, 1962, marked the beginning of a new era in our town. What had previously been a dreary and depressing location was now a bustling hub of activity. The Jones family’s choice to develop a ski resort transformed the area into a winter wonderland. The Jones family has a rich history, and I wanted to share some of it with you as a former employee for over two decades.

What prompted Terry to become a teacher? ” Some of you may believe she was resurrected from the dead to fulfill this mission. I’m inclined to agree with you. She spent the rest of her life speaking up for children’s rights despite being raised as an orphan and moving from foster home to foster family. She was patient, witty, and sharp as a tack, all at the same time. I loved her as a best friend…”

“Hank, as you’re all aware, arrived in the United States in 1940 from Germany. Along with his father and grandmother, he left occupied Poland. During his childhood, his mother was estranged from him, and he has never heard from her again. Hank’s mother, who had gone missing, was thought to be Jewish. The outcome? Hank was kidnapped from his Lithuanian classroom one day and sent to a detention camp in a different nation.”

Final Thoughts

At this point, you definitely understand what is commemorative speech and all the necessary details. With the help of the commemorative speech outline, tips, and topics, you should be ready to get started on how to write a commemorative speech.  Do you still find it hard to write a commemorative speech? Here is the best news. Seek the commemorative speech help from our experts?


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