Importance of sports essay

Sports are part and parcel of curricula in most education centers. Chances are high that your professor will ask you to write a sports essay.  Like any other article, following a proper structure is crucial to achieving a good piece.

Sports are an essential activity in our daily lives. Various sporting activities keep us strong and healthy and improve our physical mobility. Sports competitions are usually a source of entertainment for many spectators. These are just a few points to include in an ‘importance of sports’ essay.

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Importance of sports essay
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The physical advantages gained from participating in sports activities result in enriched physical stamina and reflex growth. Some students have benefited from scholarships and various educational opportunities. These opportunities are readily available for top-performing sportsmen and women.

What is the importance of a sports essay? A sports essay is vital to students because sports are part of the school curriculum. Some students who excel in sports activities receive bursaries and scholarships. Sports are encouraged as a way for students to unwind from their busy schedules.

67Sports’ relevance to students is why they are encouraged to write sports articles. Read on to find out how to write an outstanding sports essay.                                                                                            

Long and Short Essays on the Importance of Sports in English

Instructions on essay assignments often come with a word count limit, and an essay on sports is not exceptional. The size of the paper depends on a lot of factors. For example, upper school students must write more comprehensive articles than juniors. Below are examples of essays on the importance of sports with various word count limits.

Since sports is part and parcel of the school curriculum, it is common for instructors to allocate this topic. Essay writing builds writing, comprehension skills, and general knowledge of students. The essay examples below are written simply for easy comprehension. Choose an essay example that best suits your needs and requirements.

How to write the importance of sports essay

Are you looking for guidance on how to write about sports in a college essay?  Follow our guide below with sample essays on the importance of sports.

The importance of Sports Essay- (100 words)

We can define sports as a form of casual competitive physical activity played by people through organized participation.  Sports help the players to improve and maintain physical fitness and skills. It is another way of entertaining participants and the spectators.

Sports are generally played as a contest between two competitive teams to achieve a winner. There are various types of sports and games. Sports played outside are known as outdoor games while those played inside a room fall under indoor games.

Once the game is over, a winner is declared. The winner may either be a team or an individual depending on the type of sport played.

We can define sports as a form of casual competitive physical activity played by people through organized participation.  Sports help the players to improve and maintain physical fitness and skills. It is another way of entertaining participants and the spectators.

Over time, sports have proven to be an important activity for everyone, especially students, as it keeps the body healthy and fit.

Essay on the Importance of Sports-200 Words Essay

When we look at the biography containing the history and life of famous people, we can always find their life journey a bit challenging. At the same time, their success stories are about hard work, patience, dedication, and numerous physical activities.

Thinking and acting fast help one to succeed in their endeavors. Sports activities enable one to have fast thoughts and develop on-time acting. Physical activity mainly helps to improve an individual’s physical and social abilities. Continuous involvement in physical activities improves health and rain activity, which are the main benefits of sports.

Playing sports is one enjoyable way to take part in physical activities. It is even wiser to start involvement in early childhood and have continuous practice regularly. People involved in sports activities gain additional strength and health benefits compared to those who don’t do sports activities.

Sports also serve as one of the most entertaining methods to keep yourself in good shape. Members participating in sports activities, e.g., Olympic games, can improve their health, team building, and communication skills. It allows you to test your luck and the power of your desire to win.

Sports can significantly improve our lives, making us stronger, fit, and clever. Taking up and participating in sports activities is one of the best habits one can possess nowadays.

A long Essay on the Importance of Sports-(800 words)


Sports are valuable to one’s life. There are plenty of both physical and mental health benefits to sports players. Most schools prioritize sports to improve students’ overall development and prepare them to face life’s challenges. Sporting activities enhance the ability to perform better academically and achieve their life goals.

Sports are essential to society as various sports events happen yearly. Different sports programs happen on national and international platforms. Qualifying sportspersons are selected to represent their countries in these events for the pride of their nation.

Sports are also vital and play a role in developing values and mutual trust amongst participants and fans. It helps the players make instant decisions and also enhances their thought process.

During sports, sportsmanship or the sportsman spirit might develop among players. It teaches players to accept victory or defeat while respecting each other.

The experiences of sports also prepare us to face daily life challenges with positivity and calmness. Sports games like Woodball, Golf, Football, etc., help to develop the physical fitness of an individual by strengthening their muscles and bones.

Importance of Sports for Health

Sports is one of the significant activities that help to build and maintain a person’s fitness. Regular engagement in sports activities spares one from catching chronic diseases. Perpetual athletes develop healthy bones, efficient heart rates, and improved lung functions.

Healthwise, sports are significant to the lives of growing children. It helps in the rapid development of children’s mental and body well-being. Kids involved in sporting activities have their attention spans increasing. With this, they can pay attention when studying, improving their academic performance.

Any person participating in sports and games receives many life benefits by leading a healthy lifestyle. Staying active in sports may help treat various communicable and non-communicable diseases. It is a cost-effective method to improve the health of so many, especially in developing and developed countries.

Importance of Sports for Personality Development

Sports develop physical strength by keeping us fit and contributing to our overall personality. It builds character, develops leadership skills, and improves goal-setting capabilities.

A person that often engages in sports automatically develops improved self-esteem. He will also create increased social interaction and build more resilient qualities. These qualities make one improve and develop positive progress in life.

Children are instilled with values, ethics, discipline, and responsibility through sports early. In sports, children may develop a sense of mutual trust and confidence. It gives them accountability lessons while improving their thought process throughout their growth.

One of the most vital lessons you can learn from sports is it teaches sportsmanship. Sportsmanship helps in personality building as you know to face ups and downs in life more gracefully. Through the values of sportsmanship, one may gain the respect one deserves from society.

A sportsperson gains respect from others. Athletes lead a life with a positive attitude and moral values while avoiding society’s evils.

Importance of Sports in Nation Development

Peace and unity are significant contributions to a country’s national development. Sports substantially contribute to unity as it brings the citizens of a nation together. Citizens develop a sense of cooperation through sports. People can, therefore, unite together and work for the growth and development of their country.

Through sports and games, the youth of a nation has strong character development. A strong character growth instills confidence in a child to take on life challenges without fear. 

Active sports are a good elevation of the country’s health standards. High health standards mean a country has a good quality of life and a stress-free environment. A country with a healthy lifestyle will have fewer health issues than one with an unhealthy lifestyle.

The popularity of sports also gives rise to the setting up of various sports industries. The sports industry is of great value and addition to the country’s economy and increases employment status. The potential for revenue generation from these industries is very high, which could contribute to building the economy in multiple ways.


From what we have read above, we can see that sports are not only a medium of entertainment or activity of leisure time. It also plays a vital role in all the perspectives of life.

Due to the relevance of sports, various international sports events occur worldwide. These events help to bridge the gap and reduce tension between countries. There is a way to make the global audience witness the diverse traditions and culture of the world through sports.

Sports teach the importance of discipline, punctuality, responsibility, and respect for others. Sporting lays the foundation for healthy individuals and develops their capabilities and personalities in building an all-around developed and resilient nation.

Persuasive essay topics on sports

To write a good sports persuasive essay assignment, first, select a persuasive sports essay topic to make sure your story is in line with the requirements. Some sports persuasive essay topics include:

  • Cheerleading is a sport
  • Why females should play male sports essay
  • Gender inequality sports essay

A persuasive essay depends on the writer’s opinions and emotions to conclude the topic. Here a writer needs to convince the reader to choose his side of the story. How do you write and structure the text in a persuasive essay?

While the essay on sports is likely to be analyzed from numerous points of view, a persuasive essay has a unique structure. Its structure differs from that of a classic paper.

Steps of writing a persuasive sports essay

Professional writers conclude that the purpose of writing a persuasive essay is to provide well-structured and logical reasoning of your viewpoint. Support your perspective with facts, numbers, and other data. Also, you must argue out the antithesis constructively. Respect the opposing standpoint and be able to come up with counter-arguments.

Here is one of the best outlines for a persuasive paper. Use this outline to write a persuasive essay, for example, a compelling article on the ‘value of sports’ essay.

  1. Introduction.

With a persuasive essay, you need to write on a topic that persuades you’re your readers. You will also need to make the viewers see the matter from your point of view. Present the subject and highlight the importance of the chosen topic.

Introduce your thesis statement together with the viewpoint you want to promote to your readers. Give a brief explanation of each of the above for the reader to understand the topic better.

  1. Present the information

When writing a persuasive sports essay in English, use available data from the sources you gained in your research. The data you collect should act as proof of why your subject is indeed valid. Use facts, statistics, graphs, tables, etc., that prove your standpoint.

  1. Antithesis

Present opinions that are contradictory to yours. Write the reasons for which you consider them weak. Contradictory views well explained should draw the reader more to your side.

  1. Conclusion

In your conclusion paragraph, summarize the above facts and reiterate your opinion. Explain that the facts are the reason why you support your thesis.

Argumentative essay topics on sports

An argumentative article’s purpose is to convince readers that the writer’s topic is actual. In this genre, a writer is to prove whether their idea is accurate. Before writing an argumentative essay, a writer needs to do thorough research. Research should help you collect objective facts and figures to argue against opposers and prove your subject.

The first step in writing an argumentative essay is choosing a topic. Sometimes students are left to select their topics while professors provide other issues. It is much easier to write on a topic you have chosen.

Tips for writing an argumentative essay topic

There are different ways that you may choose these argumentative essay topics. Below are some pointers to note when selecting sports argumentative essay topics;

  • Choose topics that are contradictory or controversial

A controversial topic creates a breeding ground for arguments between parties. With such a platform, it becomes much easier for you to argue and defend your specific claims. An example topic is “why females should not play male sports essay. “

  • Avoid choosing topics on morality

Topics on morality issues inhibit the ability to have logical discussions as they are often subjective. In such cases, people often include their feelings in the arguments/debates, making it impossible to offer their opinions rationally.

  • Choose recent topics

You should be able to settle on recent issues relevant to society today. Current topics have papers written on them, making the research process simpler. Past problems do not necessarily apply. It is because pieces of information get constant updates.

  • Choose topics that allow argument

Select subject topics that allow you to incorporate criticism and support of various arguments. Contentious issues are full of content and can earn you high grades.

Make your essay argumentative by offering reasons for rebuttal other claims while supporting your own. Focusing on a single viewpoint does not show the element of “argument,” making it quite challenging to conduct a ‘forum’ in the paper.

Steps for writing an argumentative essay on sports

Follow the steps below to write an excellent argumentative essay on sports. For example, an argumentative essay on ‘should transgender athletes compete in sports essay.’

  1. Pick a topic

Select a topic you want to write about in your essay. From this topic, pick a thesis statement that covers the reason for your paper. Write a thesis statement that you can support with valid data.

  1. Research

Take significant time to research your ideas. Put together all the relevant data from your study. Researching helps you achieve the following.

  • An open mind for angles that researchers have not yet explored
  • Look out for other scholars’ views that do not match yours
  • Ensure that you have read your topic broadly and are well versed
  1. Create a draft

A draft works as an outline of your essay. The process of research involves a lot of activities. To ensure you include every detail of the study, write a procedure to follow during the writing process.

  1. Write an introduction.

Introduce your study to your readers. In this paragraph, give a background story on your topic. Go ahead and state the thesis. Talk about the following;

  • Importance of the subject
  • What are the root causes of the study problem?
  • Who are the parties affected?
  • What are the possible solutions?
  • What are you doing about it?
  1. In the body section

Here, develop your arguments. Give vivid explanations that support your statement of the study. Use relevant examples from diagrams, graphs, etc., as evidence. Remember to connect back every point and example to your thesis.

  1. The conclusion

Summarize your study in this section. Give its impact to the affected parties. Try to convince the reader that your argument is indeed accurate.

  • Include a call to action, e.g., for further research needed
  • Give hypotheticals that will happen if the reader takes up the idea
  • What are the implications of your study?

A list of Example topics in argumentative sports essays

Select the best sports argumentative essay topics from the list that follows;

  • The use of steroids should lead to expulsion from professional sports
  • Cheerleading as a sport
  • The stereotypes of college athletes being witless
  • Money used in college games is too much
  • Is Cheerleading a sport?
  • Can a Marching band be considered a sport?
  • Creating a sports culture in schools is useful
  • Health problems related to energy drinks consumed by student-athletes
  • Student-Athletes should receive allowances for actively participating in sports
  • Cheerleading: why it should be part of the Olympics games
  • Allowing fights in hockey
  • Dangers of football to student players
  • Has baseball lost its popularity over the years?
  • Selling sports teams’ naming rights: where do we draw the line?
  • Rules determining how coaches treat the players are not strict enough
  • Should athletes who use steroids give up their trophies?
  • Sports betting is legal everywhere, discuss
  • Home-schooled children should also be able to participate publicly in school sports
  • Money made by athletes goes to their sponsors and selected owners
  • Video games: can they be considered sports?
  • Should there be a ban on violent sports?
  • Women should participate in powerlifting
  • Colleges should support wellness programs more than support sports
  • College footballers should receive allowances. Discuss
  • Parents should not allow their children to play football at school
  • Being a Gay athlete attracts more attention from fans and the media
  • Using Native American mascots and names by sports teams is offensive
  • Do not show Tobacco and alcohol advertisements during sports events

Classification essay on sports

What do you do when tasked to write a classification essay, for example, “racism in sports essay’? You should focus on a relevant principle that you will apply to your classification of different subjects. Once you finish classifying, use the same code to ensure equity.

Indicate a method you use for the classification of sports into categories. Indicate the method used for the classification process for readers to comprehend. For instance,

Sports can be classified based on the type or the intensity of sports applied: dynamic sports (isotonic) and static sport (isometric). Follow the template below when writing a classification essay on sport:

  1. Think of the categories. E.g., type of sport according to age, gender, etc.
  2. Use a single classification principle to get a niche for your essay
  3. Give examples of each category

How to write a good essay on sports

Do not be under the false impression that you have all the time in the world to complete your essay about sports. Once you receive the sports essay assignment, begin right away. The homework task may take more time than you may have imagined, so plan for it accordingly.

It is wise to start early preparations for your essay. Once done, use the remaining time to edit and make additions and subtractions where necessary. We suggest breaking down your sports essay writing into the following parts:

  • Find materials

Create a list of materials you think you will need for the process. These are information materials related to the topic of sports. Go ahead and narrow the materials to specify the case that you chose to write on.

  • Study

After careful selection of materials, study them vividly. Extract essential information you are going to make use of in your short essay on sports.

  • Outline the problems

Give a list of problems you intend to talk about in your essay. Your essay is the opportunity for you to show how you will solve these problems.

  • Create a draft

All different essay types have specific formats and structures. Essays must have an introduction, body, and conclusion paragraphs as part of their structure.

Create an outline of each point, e.g., the sports essay introduction paragraph. An outlined overview is a collection of major issues explained to create a more significant statement. Create a draft for the introduction with the thesis and method introduced comprehensibly. Follow with the outlined draft of the body and conclusion paragraphs.

  • Write the main paragraphs

Write paragraphs of the points you have listed in the outline. Give relevant examples to prove your viewpoints. Back up your points by using the resources you discovered in the initial stages of your research.

It is vital to arrange the information sources used in notes separate from your sports essay. It helps you quote the references clearly and logically without leaving anything out. A well-arranged paragraph will draw your reasoning to relatable conclusions.

Simple essay topics on sports

To write about sports, you must at least have general knowledge of sporting activities. Give an example of sports that fit your niche, e.g., you can name a sport that uses a board.

Once you identify the nature of your essay to be either persuasive or argumentative, go ahead and do your research. Read various papers on the same subjects to get correct facts. The following are examples of suitable sports essay topics students can write their essays.

  • Sports and doping
  • Idolizing athletes in popular sports
  • Most popular sports in the country
  • Why should youth be engaged in sports?
  • Sport skills classification
  • Sports and gender differences
  • The perceptual style in sports
  • Body confidence in sports
  • Why performance-enhancing drugs should not be allowed in sports essay

Final thoughts

To sum up, writing a sports essay should be fun, especially for students who enjoy athletics and other games. Remember to follow the tips above on sports and how to write a college essay about sports. Avoid cliché examples to make your essay stand out to earn high grades.

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