How to write commemorative speech examples

A commemorative speech presents a precise way of honoring an event, a person, an idea, a group, or a place. When crafting such a speech, you should strive to make it informative and courteous to your audience. Make it your aim to ensure that your message is memorable as you connect with your audience using strong and appropriate words. To achieve that fete, you need numerous commemorative speech examples.

This article will show you how to craft commemorative speeches that are emotional, inspirational, and motivational. Peruse this article thoroughly; your commemorative speech writing skills will soar to greater heights.

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How to write commemorative speech examples
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How to start your commemorative speech

Before you start writing your commemorative speech introduction, you must know the steps you must follow. Which ones? Here are the exact steps that will help you maneuver through the initial stage of your speech:

  1. Brainstorm for ideas

Before you start writing your speech, think of what exactly you want to write. Is it about an event? A person? Or a place? Here, develop a suitable topic to make your speech stand out. Here are a few matters you can consider for your commemorative address:

  • A deep look at one of your relative’s lives
  • Your relative’s participation in an event, such as a movement or war
  • Your friend’s childhood or upbringing
  • How your role model succeed in their career
  • Highlight a memorable event in your hometown
  •  “Where are they now?” A story about forgotten heroes
  • A commemorative speech about your relative’s last dreams and wishes
  • About your relative’s family life and marriage
  • About one of your relative’s relationships with their pet 
  • Your firsthand account of your relationship with your relatives
  1. Identify the Purpose of your speech

Why have you chosen a particular topic? At this stage, explain the purpose of your speech and whether it’s relevant to your audience. Outline all the reasons behind your topic choice and identify the characters involved in your address.

  1. Gather Important Information

Once you choose your topic, do your research thoroughly. You may have to visit the library and start watching recorded films with the sole intention of extracting valuable information. It is especially relevant when you are dealing with historical events.

If you want to write about a family member, say your grandparent, have a sit down with a person who is or was close to them. Conduct the interview informally. That will help you derive the deep secrets and details that make your tribute speech iconic.

Depending on your interviewees’ level of recall, you can interview more relatives to get the story’s entirety. In addition to those relatives who know your subject, talk to people who don’t know the person well. Why? They may tell you something silly or inspirational that will add some comic relief and lightness to your commemorative speech.

Tips on how to start your commemorative speech

How you start your commemorative speech determines whether or not people will choose to listen or ignore it. Creating your address in a manner that captures your reader’s attention is therefore paramount. Here are other tips on what to look for in commemorative speech examples:

·         Share an anecdote or tell your audience a fascinating story

Narrating a relatable and interesting story with your audience is a powerful way to hook your audience right from the onset of your commemorative speech.

Most people are wired to embrace and listen to exciting stories. The story compels people to understand better and lean in to get more information. That is the primary reason storytelling effectively teaches children lessons and morals of life. The story makes them picture themselves in the report, which helps them connect easily.

Now that you start your commemorative speech with an attention-grabbing story, make it brief. Ensure you include all the relevant details in your introduction. Let your introduction be kind and genuine, and denote lessons you have learned from the story you are narrating to your audience.

Your personal experience stories will help your audience feel the authenticity of your speech. They can therefore connect those experiences to the ones in their own lives.

·         Use a relevant quote or metaphor.

Numerous quotes were generated by historical figures like Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, and Mahatma Gandhi. You can use those quotes in your speech to inspire. Motivate or develop an interest in your address to your audience.

Using a quote you have derived by yourself, or someone else has told you is also viable. The operating formulae here ensure that the section is relevant to the topic you are giving your speech.

Furthermore, when you use a metaphor to start your speech, you can capture your listener’s imagination. This imagination will make your introduction to be witty and memorable. You can find different imaginative introductions online, searching for commemorative speech outline examples.

·         Ask your audience a question

When you start your commemorative speech introduction with an intelligent and interesting question, make sure the question is catchy. Doing so will get your audience completely hooked to your speech as you trigger engagement and participation.

You can also consider posing several rhetorical questions. These questions will stimulate their minds as they ponder to give the correct answers. When you ask your audience those relevant questions at the beginning of your speech, you automatically make your audience listen intently.

·         Start your commemorative speech with a mind-boggling fact

A surefire way of grabbing your audience’s attention is by stating a surprising statistic or fact. To come up with such information, you must invest your time in deep research to ensure your data is factual. After all, you don’t want to lose credibility in hooking your audience.

When you give false information, and your audience realizes it, your goose is cooked, my friend. They will conclude that you don’t know what you are saying. The mind-boggling fact strategy will set the tone of your speech and keep your listener intrigued to learn more from you.

·         Make your audience break into laughter.

Applying some humor in your speech is vital. If you can make your audience laugh for about 15 seconds at the onset of your address, you will be able to catch their attention. It will keep them glued and invested in your commemorative speech.

Humour will help your speech achieve a sense of closeness to your audience, relatability, and warmth. You will create an unmatched audience rapport which will increase the acceptability of your address. However, when you consider starting your commemorative remarks with a joke, keep in mind the following pointers:

  • Do not tell the audience an unkind or rude joke
  • Never make a joke at someone’s expense, especially if they are in the audience
  • Shun from starting your speech with a vague mark that makes no sense or isn’t related to the topic of your speech
  • Conduct prior research on your audience to find out whether your joke will resonate with your audience

·         Start by visualizing a scenario (use the word ‘imagine’)

When you tell your audience to envision a strategy, you are inviting them to have a mental picture of an event or person. The word “imagine” is captivating and will prepare your audience to explore a different world.

When you describe the scenario setting, place your listener on the scene and make them understand your point of view. While you are doing all these, use your creative and imaginative skills effectively.

The visualizing tactic works best when you commemorate speech examples that have a positive outcome. You can also apply the tactic when you have visions for something better occurring.

·         Start your speech by making a bold statement.

Do not make the mistake of starting your speech by making generic statements. These kinds of comments will curtail your intention of engaging with your audience. The views are simply unimaginative and dull.

Start your speech by giving your audience a unique statement. To effectively achieve that, study your audience to determine the exposure level to the topic. Strike your listener with a message they least expect. The tactic enables you to exude confidence, making your listener latch on to your content.

Key factors to consider when starting your commemorative speech

Now that you are adept at beginning your memorial addresses, your next step is to spice up your introduction. Here is a factor to keep in mind:

1.      Let your speech have a personal touch

Your formal commemorative speech includes an event or person you want to celebrate. It goes on to outline the impact that person or event has had on you and other people. The last part of the speech highlights how the occurrence will continue to resonate with people’s lives in the future.

As you craft your speech, incorporate your observations, lessons, and anecdotes. By so doing, you will make your commemorative address less superficial and more relatable to your audience. You will find a personal touch aspect from the numerous free commemorative speech examples on the internet.  

2.      Show some respect to your audience and the subject.

Remember, as your audience listens to your speech, they will make observations and judgments. You should therefore ensure that you have your facts straight, speak with confidence and observe the body language of your audience. React the best way concerning your audience is taking your speech. Are they attentive? Continue. Do they look bored? Deviate to an exciting activity to bring them back on board.

3.      Think and then pour your heart out

Your audience will show you whether or not your topic is interesting to them right from the onset. You should consider the tone to apply in your speech, your body language, and your choice of words. Express a genuine attitude for the person or event you describe in your address. Be thoughtful and appropriate when introducing your commemorative speech.

How to write an excellent commemorative speech

Your commemorative speech should have an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. We have seen how you can come up with an excellent introduction. Let’s delve into the best parts of your speech.

  • Compose your body paragraphs

Here is where you dive into the details of the person’s achievements or the actual occurrences of the events in your speech. You share success stories with your audience by giving them a background of the person or event. While doing that, ensure you don’t bore your listeners with so many details. Chose details that are relevant to the storyline.

Keeping that in mind, now it is time to outline the structure of your paragraphs. Use the following criteria:

  • Let every section represent an idea or event
  • Let your speech flow chronologically
  • Do not repeat prior occurrences you highlighted in the previous paragraphs
  • Make your observations and lessons learned in the last section of your speech
  • Exude a level of command in your choice of words in every paragraph


  • End with a firm conclusion

In your research on commemorative speech examples, you may have observed an open-ended speech or one that left you hanging. That was because the author did not authoritatively close the chapter. At the tail end of your commemorative speech, summarize your address in a manner that leaves no question on how the event ended or how a person’s story ended.

To put the icing on the cake, describe the event or person’s effect on other people. Outline those events in the context of then, now, and the future.

Types of commemorative speeches

Here are commemorative speeches you can consider when you want to write various speeches to suit your requirements:

  1. Introductory commemorative speeches

This type of speech can also be referred to as a welcome speech. An excellent welcome address is brief and concise. It is a speech you presently intend to greet your audience and set the tone for the entire event you are about to have.

For example, you can write a commemorative speech introducing a chief speaker. Here, you will give your audience a background about the speaker, their achievements, and their suitability to speak at the event. You can also highlight the main topic that the speaker will cover.

  1. Retirement, promotion, or commemorative graduation speech

When people retire, get promoted, or when students are graduating, they are usually called upon to give a speech. In the context of graduation, the commemorative speech revolves around the students’ experiences in the institution and appreciation of various stakeholders in their academic journey. You can also include opportunities associated with your achievement, say, enrolling in a college or entering the job market.

Retirement speeches, for example, a military retirement speech, deal entirely with the past events in your tenure. You outline the accolades you have received, acknowledge your team members, and honor your seniors. Here, you can also appreciate your country and government for giving you a chance to fulfill your goal of serving humanity.

In a commemorative speech regarding a promotion, acknowledge all the steps you have taken from the onset. Recognize your mentors, superiors, and fellow employees who have helped you rise through the job ranks. The speech is celebratory. You should therefore include statements and quotes that bring a happy vibe.

  1. Award ceremony commemorative speech

In your research on commemorative speech examples, you must have received recorded addresses about memorable ceremonies. Awarding ceremonies such as music awards are usually accompanied by a commemorative speech from the winner or a person who wants to honor the winner’s achievement. That is the kind of commemorative speech we are discussing.

During the award ceremony, speakers will either give a presentation speech to award someone or give the winner a chance to share their acceptance speech. An award speech outlines the award’s purpose, followed by the accomplishments and achievements of the receiver.

An award acceptance speech will express gratitude by the receiver for scooping the award. When preparing to write a commemorative speech for an award ceremony, plan your address and practice the presentation beforehand. You can go through various commemorative speech examples on the internet to enable you to write the best speech ever.

  1. Tribute commemorative speeches

These speeches express gratitude or pay tribute to an idea, a person, or an event. The main agenda of this type of speech is to highlight why the subject is worthy of honor. Therefore, you must highlight all the relevant accomplishments worthy of their tribute.

  1. Eulogies

Giving a speech at a burial ceremony is an emotional and sad affair. Nevertheless, you have to do it. Why? Because this is your chance to express the vivid memories and highlight the achievements of the deceased.

These speeches highlight the accomplishments of the deceased person in the course of their life. The introduction part of your eulogy speech should begin by telling your audience how the deceased entered your life or your first interaction with them. You can then highlight the kind of person whose achievements followed them.

To make your eulogy more memorable and relatable to the audience, give a funny story about you and the deceased. You can research various funny commemorative speech examples to enable you to tell the story effectively. While doing that, stick to the facts of what happened. Is it not ethical to start telling lies about the dead, right? Finish your eulogy with the lessons you learned from your interactions and achievements with the deceased.

Examples of how to write a commemorative speech

Now that you know the types of commemorative speeches you can come up with, let’s look at several commemorative speech examples under various categories:

  • Commemorative speech about parents

“On this occasion to celebrate my college graduation, I want to confess that I am not the hero in this journey. I’d like to acknowledge the heroes that have held my hand from day one. I am not talking about day one in this institution but day one since I started breathing. They are none other than my mom and dad. These two are the authors of this destiny.

I will also confess that raising myself was not an easy task. I could get wild sometimes and veer off the course of the journey. There were more than enough reasons for them to give up on me, but they didn’t. They held my hand as I transitioned through the challenging period of puberty. Even when I doubted myself, they were there every step of the way.

Going to college was not something I had envisioned while growing up. I pictured a life of hanging out with my friends and doing what I considered fun then. I tell you, it’s not fun anymore. My parents looked beyond my stupidity and need for instant gratification and taught me perseverance.

Mom and dad, this is your doing, not mine. I would like to dedicate this degree to you both. Today is your day. I would like to tell you that you are the most amazing parents a person could ever have. Cheers, mom and dad.”

  • Commemorative speech about mothers

Mums hold a special place in a person’s life. Mothers nurture and train your brain to learn new concepts from scratch. That is why when you search “commemorative speech examples about mother’s love,” you will get a myriad of such speeches. Here is one example:

“If I asked to line up all the women in the world and asked to choose one, I would pick you, mom. Growing up is a mystery I haven’t embraced to date. I have fond memories of my mom holding and nurturing me. It took me to the swimming pool, holding me so I could float in the deep waters like a duck. Wow, it was simply magical.

My mom was one of a kind. She was intelligent, kind, and firm at the same time. She taught me how to embrace small things in life. I always complained that I didn’t have the latest shoe, toy, or video game brand. What did she do about that? Focus on the positives. She told me you couldn’t have it all at the same time. Gradual and exponential growth is key to achieving happiness and fulfillment in life. Her words are as valid today as they were when I was six.

I can proudly say that my mother is my role model. That is why I won’t stop praising her until the day that I leave this world. My mom had an unending willingness to forgive. Irrespective of the issue, she would listen, evaluate and point out the mistake. She would show me the downside of doing what I did and the need not to do it again.

I appreciate all your efforts, mom, to mold me into the person I am today. Thank you for showing me how to be independent. How would I be surviving capitalism without the tips you gave on self-reliance? The world would have swallowed me by now.

Mom, you are the best mother every person could ever ask for and an irreplaceable role model to many generations. Thank you for supporting me, being there for me, believing in me, and most importantly, instilling confidence in me. As we mark the 21st anniversary of your transition to heaven, know that I think and cherish you every day. Thank you.”

  • Commemorative speech examples best friend

“We’re here today to celebrate my confidant. A person I can proudly say was my best friend. That is the same person who decorated this hall. His name was Smith. Take a look around; what do you see? Excellence, class, and splendor. What you see is what Smith was and is to me. Can you see those embroidered tablecloths? That’s his idea and work that we celebrate. What about the signs in the calligraphy font? Your guess is as good as mine. I can boldly say that Smith is in this room; can you feel and see him? I bet you can.

We have access to Smith’s work because he was a lifelong artist who stopped at nothing to achieve perfection. I met Smith at a gala in Chicago where we had gone to showcase our prowess in interior design. My first impression of him was that he was a no-nonsense fellow who loathed mediocrity. True to my observation, he turned out to be what I predicted. However, there is a side of him I didn’t get to know initially. I didn’t fathom such a serious man to be so generous.

It is through his generosity that we are gathered here. Smith taught me 70% of what I know in interior design. He emerged victorious in the gala. I got curious about how he could produce such excellent designs, so I approached him. That was the birthday of our strong friendship that lasted 36 years.

This ceremony is what Smith envisioned as the perfect gift to give to the upcoming designers. A place where you can come and view his work, get a copy of his book, and obtain a scholarship to an Ivy-league university. He birthed this idea at the prime of his career. He would have spent his money on countless luxurious items but chose to give back to the community.

My friend, as you continue resting in peace, know that I will not waver to ensure that your legacy lives on. Cheers to my friend!!”

In a nutshell

Commemorative speeches pay tribute to a person, event, or idea. The best commemorative speech examples have a catchy introduction, detailed body paragraphs, and a firm conclusion. An important consideration in creating effective commemorative speeches is knowing the special occasion speech topics to handle. Don’t panic if you can’t create an engaging commemorative speech. Why? Because we are here to help.

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