How to write a profile essay

How to write a profile essay

Writing an impactful and successful profile essay may take some time and effort. You need to gather the right information and plan well for your essay. This article provides a full guide on writing a profile essay, but it is important to know what a profile essay is before we get into the task.

What is a profile essay?

A profile essay is a genre of writing in which you must describe a place, events, a landscape, or a person using APA, ASA, Chicago, or Harvard formatting. Your topic should provide enough content for the reader to engage your writing, make a decision, or learn new things. The following sections make up the description text:

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  • Basic subject features, the overall impression
  • Indications, specifics
  • The overall impression of the subject

A portrait landscape, for example, could be the description. A person, their mental condition, a plant, an animal, a city, a park, a house, a hamlet, and the weather are all possible objects for a description. Nouns, verbs, adjectives, a minimal action, and stationary text dominate the voice component. “What?” and “what kind?” are answered in detailed language. Consider the following scenario:

“The fungus is yellowish-gray in color. It might be a dirty brown color that gets darker in the middle of the cap. The stem is narrow and dense, white at the top, gray at the bottom, and occasionally brown.”

It is essential to understand that the terms “descriptive essay” and “profile essay” are very similar in English. However, there is a distinction you ought to be aware of when finishing such work. A descriptive essay conveys information about events, facts, and related phenomena. For example, a current event description or a book/movie review article. It usually includes the core idea and your perspective as a writer. A profile essay focuses on portraying landscapes, portraits, and all the details in great descriptions, while the author contributes fresh knowledge but is also able to voice his perspective.

The main objectives of a profile essay

If you try to study these types of essays, you will realize they are self-explanatory. They include describing an event, place, a person, or occurrence. A profile essay is filled with adjectives. It is not easy to describe the subject without adjectives because they are keywords.

When composing a profile essay, you can choose to use a synonyms dictionary to help in choosing the adjectives. Here are several major objectives of a profile essay:

  1. It shows a clear description of a person, phenomena, and nature with every detail needed
  2. Describe a place or a person in your words while using antonyms, epithets, and comparisons
  3. You must show that you have the needed skills in academic writing

There is a more rigorous approach towards college and university students as, with this form of assignment, the professor can examine the organization, presentation, and analytical abilities. Many students consider this the most perplexing essay, as it can be readily mistaken with other forms. Hence, it would help if you examined the essay checklist and stages below to prevent getting confused in your thoughts.

How to prepare to start a profile essay

Of course, practice makes perfect when it comes to writing essays. The more essays you write, the more likely you will receive a decent mark. Due to the high volume of the curriculum, many students suffer from the “short-term memory effect,” in which they write an interview essay but forget about it within a few months.

As a result, we recommend that you begin your preparation by reviewing the compilers’ instructions for writing an essay this year. Then you must thoroughly examine each of them and determine what their essence is. So, you will have a better understanding of a profile essay even at this early level.

Make a list of possible subjects to help you prepare for this type of essay. You can choose the information on which you will build your reasoning by changing the language of the topic. You will be able to compose the paper faster if such blanks are prepared ahead of time. We also created a detailed preparation guide. Please take your time reading it.

  1. Explore different profile essay examples

Before beginning work, you should carefully study the profile essay example for college to understand the content format. Type “sample of a profile essay” into an Internet search engine, and you’ll be flooded with results. Still, you should only select those with reviews or for which you did not uncover any errors. Students are also given special publications with examples of all types of essays in school, so you’re likely to find a profile essay there.

While reading the profile essay example, take close attention to the text’s layout, design, content, and aesthetic approaches employed. Also, keep records of the author’s writing style, language, and other details. Finally, the introduction and conclusion must be taken into consideration. You must comprehend how the author captures the reader’s attention and the phrases they employ in the final paragraph. You can also write them down and follow the same procedure.

Read as much as you can since each author has their writing style, and you can pick up on details that the preceding author missed. The basic knowledge that your instructor may not tell you can be found in the examples.

  1. Choose a topic for your profile essay

To write the best profile essay in class, you have to choose an interesting, eye-grabbing topic. Use these tips to find a perfect topic for your essay:

  • Use intriguing facts

You need to consider the intriguing facts you can choose for your topic and if there is a source to produce an interesting post.

  • Choose something you can reason with

Choose the best to connect with you since your objective is to display personal interest. Also, give an individual judgment of the events, people, and acts that will offer you arguments.  You can achieve this only if your readers most persuasively perceive your enthusiasm for the chosen issue.

  • Display your viewpoint

Please choose the issue to convey your viewpoint and successfully explain it based on literary content. This signifies that you know where to acquire an example to establish that you are skilled at describing the issue.

  1. Find your favorite writing style

Your style is similar to your voice. You must comprehend what only you can write about and how you are different from others. Here are some pointers to help you figure out your writing style:

  • Write frequently.

It’s corny, yet it works. It’s also a good idea to write in various genres, volumes, and themes. It’s also a good idea to keep a journal.

  • Look for different ideas

Find different essay ideas and learn why you enjoy this particular writing style, but don’t replicate it all; instead, pick out the most important parts.

profile essay topics

  • Read great media and classics.
  • Make use of the writers’ suggestions.

Some may appear unusual, but they will still be of use. One author, for example, suggests refraining from using the terms hate, love, be, know, have, think, believe, comprehend, want, remember, dream, and other mental verbs for six months. It is still necessary to describe sentiments rather than names.

  • Read many books

Reading books on language, journalism, and writing is a good idea. They frequently include beneficial workouts. Do not keep wondering, “what is a profile essay example? Look for sources online.

  • Identify parasite words and eliminate them

Keep track of pronouns, repetitions, and all versions of the verb “to be.” Almost always, they should be eliminated.

Choose a particular genre and research its characteristics. It can be tedious and depressing at times, but moving forward without it isn’t easy.

  1. Search for reliable information

Many traps may appear in your path while creating a profile essay. Information can be tough to combine with dependable sources of reputable writers. The use of incorrect data can make your reputation to be ruined. This has unfortunate consequences: an unsecured essay and the loss of the instructor’s or professor’s trust.

Use official sources or a combination of monographs, encyclopedias, and limited reference books. They are the first places to go for the veracity of facts and occurrences. Seek information on figures’ official sites and their social media platforms. Scientific periodicals should be avoided wherever possible. Make questions regarding the validity of this journal and, specifically, the article’s author before using the material.

If the subject is contentious, it is prudent to seek information from teachers within the academic institution who hold opposing viewpoints. This will help you approach the depiction of such situations critically and avoid making major errors.

  1. Come up with a plan

Making a plan is the final thing to do when ready to compose a profile essay. You can write anything that jumps to mind, but it will make it much more difficult for readers to understand the content and lower the validity of your ideas. A planned and reasoned message is far more powerful than a stream of thoughts.

It is more convincing to write text as per a plan. The strategy benefits both the author and the reader. The content is easy to traverse. Thanks to the precise organization, which makes information interpretation much more pleasant.

To produce an essay faster and better, you’ll need a text strategy. Writing becomes more productive when all is structured and transparent. The strategy assists the author in writing a high-quality essay: the reader will be able to explore the information and find the answer to the query that has been raised.

The question is usually the foundation for both the plan and the text. It is frequently found in the title. As a result, the text must respond to the query.

Step by step guide on how to write a profile essay

Any essay has a specific framework for presenting the content (introduction, body, and conclusion), and this structure must be followed when writing. Many students ask themselves how to write a profile essay about a person, event, or place. You can’t go back and forth between questions.

You can’t write about how you spent the summertime if the topic is “description of nature.” It would be beneficial if you discussed a specific location. You should understand every thought conveyed in the essay, the sentences should not be repeated, and the images you portray should not be dull.

When discussing anything in your profile essay, avoid using complicated phrases. Finding the correct word can take a long time at times. Begin with a rough draft that uses the same terms as you would while discussing it with a buddy. To them, how would you describe something? Then, remove the spoken bits and replace them with more relevant sentences in the final text.

After completing an essay’s first draft, critically read it a couple of times. Verify that the content is complete. Ensure there are no sudden changes in the flow of ideas and that the sections of the essay logically transition into one another.

 Avoid repeating yourself. Assess the volume ratio of the essay’s main components to avoid having a too-long introduction and conclusion or a middle part with inadequate volume. Now that we’ve provided you with some pointers let’s look at the precise steps.

  1. Introduction

Many students ask themselves how to start a profile essay whenever given the assignment. A profile essay starts with an introduction that emphasizes the importance of the essay topic.  This description should be no more than 3-4 sentences long. Your introduction is a brief piece intended to pique the reader’s interest. The introduction should explain what the content is about and the intention of the essay.

An introduction can be written in several ways, the first being a description of the topic’s importance. Tell the reader why you’re writing a profile essay about this topic, why it’s interesting, and why it’s worth writing about. Even if you didn’t choose the topic, you could develop something along these lines. Another option is to begin the story with a topic that many authors and scientists discuss, indicating that the issue is current. Templates for introductory phrases:

  • That is common knowledge…
  • Countless books have been written about it, hundreds of films have been made about it, and both inexperienced teenagers and experienced adults have spoken about it…
  • This topic is likely to interest us, so the text is devoted to it…
  1. The body paragraphs

You’ve piqued the reader’s interest. Now you must expose everything you wrote in this section’s introduction. If you want to convey individuality, pay close attention to the appearance and personality beneath it. Consider the following characteristics: huge eyes – sweet and dreamy, stern expression – stern and severe, nice smile, empathetic.

It is best to highlight different themes in paragraphs while writing a description to demonstrate your literacy and understanding. The middle section should not be tedious and should complement the opening. To maintain the reader’s attention and make them read your content to the finish, you must put in a lot of effort.

  1. Use vivid descriptions

A profile essay should be full of encouraging words that thoroughly define your topic. If you are writing profile essays on a person, you’ll need to employ epithets to describe how a person smells, looks, or what colors the setting is decorated with. Consider the following profile essay example of a female student’s friend:

“I have a lot of terrific, loyal pals. They are my students, my city’s males, and girls. On the other hand, Elizabeth has been my best friend for almost five years. She is 17 years old and has a good appearance. Lisa isn’t particularly tall but has a stunning figure. She works out every day and goes to yoga twice a week, so her physique is lovely, athletic, and fit. The ideal figure is simply one aspect of attractiveness. After all, even if the facial features are normal, only a mixture of a gorgeous body, soul, and brain can make this person attractive.

Elizabeth’s hair is straight, long, and blonde, and she usually wears it in a bun. She has beautiful eyes, long dark eyelashes, and wide lips that she constantly tints with a clear gloss; her face is oval, and her nose is little. Lisa maintains her elegance. She dresses in fashionable attire. Her allure is undeniable, I can tell.”

  1. The conclusion

The conclusion is the final section of the profile essay. You must present similar data on the important role in a concise manner. The ending contains multiple sentences and is meant to bring the reader to the end of the story. Write a few critical lines on a location, a person, or a phenomenon. This is vital to show the reader how the subject discussed influenced you. If you don’t understand how to use the correct words in the conclusion, you can utilize quotes.

Your opinions and the rest of the essay should be reflected in the conclusion. You’ll be able to detect whether you met the goal you established in the introduction, that is, whether you were able to explain the topic in a way that inspired the reader in this sentence. Finally, you can recap all of the material, avoid repeating yourself, and perhaps provide the reader with some recommendations for the future.

  1. Editing and proofreading your profile essay

A successful profile essay should be well-structured and intriguing. It should also be grammatically correct and free of spelling errors. An essay that is poorly written will lose its effectiveness. As a result, before presenting your article to your professor or publication, you should re-read and rewrite it numerous times.

You can also have a friend, family member, or classmate proofread it. Inquire about the writing style as well as the text quality. Their comments will assist you in improving and polishing your writing. Take their criticism and use it to better your writing. Where necessary, add, remove, and modify the sentences.

Profile essay topics

There are a variety of profile essay topics you can use for your essay. This depends on whether your instructor directs you to write a profile essay on a famous person, event, or subject. Here are a few topics;

  1. Based on historical evidence, profile one of the ancient kings
  2. Christmas is the most popular holiday in the United States.
  3. Develop a perfect picture of a father figure: what should they look like?
  4. How I see my attributes in a self-profile
  5. People’s best friends: Dogs
  6. Discovering Fox Mulder’s character as an FBI profiler
  7. Analyse and describe why your favourite bakery is good
  8. A three-year-old child’s typical behaviour
  9. What attracted so many Germans to Adolf Hitler, his personality, and ideology
  10. When aggression and attachment collide with Hannibal’s letter
  11. President trump’s aspirations, personal characteristics, and intentions
  12. Greek as the most exciting country in worlds history
  13. The google profiles of the person with the most hits
  14. Understanding why cats act the way they do or how to bond with them
  15. Why did ted Bundy go unnoticed for so long? Violent interior & charming personality
  16. My role model is someone who has assisted me in determining my life path.
  17. Why is France regarded as the most charming country in the world?
  18. Egypt’s mysteries: what they mean and how they arose
  19. Africa’s heritage, real challenges, and victories from an objective perspective
  20. The real murderer: what kind of creatures could they have been?

To sum up

To write a good profile essay, you need to plan before. Choose an interesting and eye-grabbing topic for you and your readers. Use vivid descriptions to make the readers get a full mage of your discussion. Ensure you use the right structure, introduction, body, and conclusion.

We hope that writing a profile essay has been made easier with this guide. This concludes the profile essay writing process, and we wish you well. Use all of the suggestions to help you achieve your profile essay’s goal.

If you still need help choosing a topic or writing a compelling profile essay, contact us. We provide profile essay writing services to all level students at affordable rates.

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