How to start an informative speech

How to start an informative speech

Are you a public speaker, and you are wondering how to start an informative speech? Then worry no more since, from this piece, your worries have been thoroughly taken care of. First, you have to know what an informative speech is.

Definition of an informative speech

A speech is the presentation of your thoughts and feelings through sounds in front of an audience. Informative speech or speaking entails a general presentation or rather expression of thoughts about things, events, certain people, beliefs, processes, and places. This definition will be essential in knowing how to start an informative speech.

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How to start an informative speech
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 In most cases, informative speeches are meant to give a personal perspective on various aspects of life. More often, it is intended to persuade and or convince. An example of an informative speech is where you are expected to give a speech on the importance of using organic remedies in curbing illnesses instead of chemical remedies.

That speech is expected to meet the expectations and understanding of the audience. Achieving this is not a walk in the park. You will need to have a good introduction.

How do you start off your informative speech? Having a perfect way of starting an informative speech is not a guarantee, but in this piece, we will have a glimpse of how to make it as interesting as possible.

You will need to note that an informative speech is quite different from a persuasive speech. While a persuasive speech should hold strongly on convincing the audience to buy your idea completely, an informative speech should leave the audience with the freedom to decide whether they buy the ideas or not.

When thinking about how to start an informative speech, ensure you give your concept’s advantages and disadvantages. Give everything concerning organic remedies for curbing illnesses.

How to start an informative speech

The following are some of the amazing tips you will need while starting an informative speech:

  • Analyzing your audience

How informed is your audience about the importance of a topic such as cyberbullying? What are the expectations of your audience concerning the topic of the day? Those conversant with the information and technology will understand but never assume that the entire group knows what you are about to talk about. Make a piece of thorough background information about the subject matter.

  • Choose an appropriate language to use

Most of the things you will talk about in your informative speech are new to the audience. Ensure the language you use is acceptable and easy for your audience. Technical terms that are unfamiliar to the audience should be explained to avoid a scenario where the audience might feel as if they are being looked down upon. This will lay the basis for how to start an informative speech.

  • Expound on the importance of the topic

Make sure you connect with your audience by explaining to them how the information regarding your topic might help them. Begin by giving those reasons why they should listen to you.

  • Make known your interest in the subject matter

Clear your interest, so you don’t end up boring your audience. Why are you informing them about the perils of the use of plastics? This is going to activate your audience to coin your interest.

  • Illustrate as you speak

This is a masterpiece in the field of communication. By speaking, you create a mental picture for your audience. Most concepts might force people to create the wrong mental picture. By showing them virtual pictures and videos, you will succeed in making your topic better understood. The use of technology plays a major role in showing a concept; suppose the concept is hard to be demonstrated in a room.

  • Ensure you are specific

Informative speeches are detailed and deep in generalities. For example, if your topic is programming or braiding, note very carefully which type of either works for curbing cyberbullying and masking beating cornrows. However, make sure you don’t become too much on the details.

  • Finish with a call action

End with a call to action to your readers by encouraging them to read more on the topic. You can refer them to other articles so that they can learn more about the subject. This is the main aim of an informative speech.

How to start an informative speech

The first thing you need to be smart at is choosing your topic. Most new or used to, most public speakers yearn to make the best speeches to their audiences.

To achieve this goal, you will need to understand the level at which you are expected to speak. There are three levels in an informative speech, namely:

  • Formal

This happens when your audience has attended your meeting to listen to you. In this case, the audience knows what to expect. Most of the speakers in this kind of level are experienced and are made key speakers.

  • Vocational

This level involves speakers who give knowledge from their careers. For example, tutors or instructors are always lecturing in the teaching profession. The human resource while giving instructions on the policies change. All these are examples of informative vocational speech.

  • Impromptu

This is a level that comes up without having the speaker necessarily ready for it. For example, when giving a stranger directions to a certain building.

Categories of informative speech topics

You should note that, regardless of the three levels, informative speaking could emerge from various categories. This may include groups of people, events, concepts, beliefs, and objects. If you are a first-timer on how to start an informative speech, pay keen attention to these explanations.

How do you start off an informative speech about a group of people? Since your informative speech is not necessarily confined to the three levels of writing, the above-listed aspects are also taken care of in this article.

When writing your informative speech about a certain group of people, you should remember to emphasize whether they are real or unreal/fictional people and tell us if they are dead are alive.

In the cases where the individuals are real people, make sure you do thorough biographical research. To make it a little more interesting and entertaining to the audience, ensure you bring the individual’s personal side. This works especially if the audience already knows the individual.

Informative speech about objects involves non-human things. Topics in speeches about objects are broad, so it is advisable to use objects unfamiliar to your audience. Ensure you have adequate knowledge about them too.

Informative speeches should be full of information and clarity about what you are talking about. The main aim is to introduce or add new ideas to your audience concerning what you are speaking about.

Informative speeches about events aim to show or explain occasions and occurrences in a short time. Since some events might be well known to your audience, it is wise to give in-depth background information about an event.

For example, when speaking about an event like World War 2, you ensure you are conversant with the backstory of the war. Ensure you avoid repeating the aspects well known by your audience about the event. This concept also applies when you write an informative speech about Covid-19.

Informative speeches about the process should give a step-by-step account concerning a certain happening. Make sure you follow a certain order of events meant or aimed at achieving a goal. Cases like recipes are good examples of processes. Examples of informative speeches about processes include speaking about cell division and procedures such as how to make homemade soaps.

Common informative speech topics

Probably you are here wondering why great speakers sail through easily on how to start an informative speech. While being a good speaker requires great confidence, having smart research skills is vital in informative speaking. This is because informative speeches have one major role: providing facts concerning a topic.

Researching facts concerning a certain topic to be presented in an informative speech should be very objective and from reliable sources. Emphasis on sharp research skills goes a long way even in catching the audience’s attention. One great challenge about informative speech is keeping your audience psyched up.

In a classroom setup, for instance, keeping learners attentive for one straight hour requires more than several tactics. While giving your speech, make sure you employ tactics such as demonstration and asking questions to engage your audience. This is important because it helps you know if your research was smart enough.

A perfectly researched topic is evident from the questions you receive from your audience. You should ensure that your research is thorough, so you don’t fumble in the event your audience poses questions. The examples that are illustrated below are either short speech informative examples or long informative speech examples;

Education informative speech topics

  • How to develop critical and creative thinking
  • How are sports effective in education
  • Should mobile phones be allowed in the institution?
  • E-learning is a better mode of learning
  • How to involve youths in co-curriculum activities
  • How can you write an explanatory essay?
  • Explain how to start an informative speech
  • What are the differences between a topic sentence and a thesis statement?

Informative essay topics on technology and science

  • What are the effects of using social media?
  • Is cyberbullying real?
  • Are online games disastrous to children?
  • Is the use of technology effective in institutions?
  • What are other friendly sources of energy?
  • Explain the positive effects of using cellphones
  • What will be the impact of robots in the future?
  • How do satellites facilitate communication?
  • How can you build a computer?
  • Explain the emergence of electric cars

Informative speech topics on public speaking

  • How can you employ the use of emotions?
  • How do you engage your audience during public speaking?
  • What is the importance of using non-verbal cues in public speaking?
  • What does it take to be a good public speaker?
  • Why are public speaking skills important?
  • How do you use comic words to entice your audience during public speaking?

Informative speech topics on politics

  • What is the importance of democracy?
  • How does political stability influence the development of an area or country?
  • State the importance of the European Union
  • How do politics affect free trade among the nations?
  • Was communism successful?
  • How are legislations passed in a political system?

Informative speech topics on justice and law

  • Should all drugs be legalized?
  • Is the death penalty the best punishment for murder convicts?
  • Why is smoking not made public?
  • Why is there a drinking age?
  • Restrictions on illegal immigrants

Short informative speech examples

  • Why should you have a role model?
  • Adverse effects of machines
  • The global spread of the internet
  • Why would you be involved in sports?
  • Why should everyone be internet literate?
  • Can modern humans survive without using electricity?

Controversial informative speech topics

  • All police in the world are corrupt
  • Climate change is not real
  • The government should abolish the use of medicinal drugs
  • Most sportspeople use steroids
  • The government should impose education on everyone
  • Video games are more educative
  • There are no depression issues in your country
  • The government should give all citizens guns

Informative speech examples for students in university

  • What are the challenges imposed by the use of 3D printers?
  • Why should the educational system be made more practical?
  • Is higher education important?
  • How can you study and work in a part-time program?
  • What good traits can you find in students?
  • Why should class durations vary?

Informative speech examples about life

  • Is life a gift from God?
  • Should we fear death?
  • Are heaven and hell real?
  • Is life a journey?
  • Explain what life is
  • Why do people lie?

Informative speech topics on religion

  • Explain the doctrines of Christianity
  • Explain the emergence of the Islamic religion
  • Compare and contrast different religions of the world
  • Is worshipping Satan a bad thing?
  • The difference in writing between the Books of Genesis and Exodus
  • What percentage of the world population are Pagans?

The topic you choose will influence the method you will employ in how to start an informative speech. You will approach a topic based on the target audience you have.

How to organize and support an informative speech

The main goal of an informative speech is to teach or instruct. To achieve this goal, you must present all your ideas in an organized manner. After choosing an informative speech topic and skillfully researching it, you have to organize your speech and support it.

The following are the patterns involved when you are preparing how to start an informative speech:

  1. Topical pattern

You can organize an informative speech into the sub-divisions of the topic chosen. If you are presented with an assignment on how to start an informative speech about the history of your city, break it into the county, state, and geographical location where it is found.

  1. Chronological pattern

An informative speech that is organized chronologically traces the development of the chosen topic in the steps involved in a process.

  • Spatial pattern

An informative speech that is organized spatially brings about the idea of a location’s physical layout and characteristics.

Types of informative speech

We introduced our article by saying that an informative speech is a teaching process; you might be asking yourself how knowledge is dispensed in an informative speech. Here are some of the methods involved in how to start an informative speech:

  1. Informing by definition

It entails giving out the meanings of the concepts used in the speech. This is a very crucial skill for an informative speech. Giving defection of terms through synonyms and antonyms is a very effective way of bringing out the meaning of a term. Providing a certain concept’s functions is another way to define a term or concept. It enables the audience to have a wider understanding.

Giving examples concerning a term or concept you are trying to explain is a very effective way of defining it. Finally, giving the history of a term is known as etymology. This is where you provide a short history behind a term. For example, why wisdom is also known as Sophia. It has an origin in Greek as Philosophic, which means love for wisdom. With Philo meaning love and Sophia for wisdom.

  1. Informing by description

Informative speeches are well-spiced by the use of descriptive language. Once you explain a concept, you create a mental picture perfectly brought out through your vivid presentation of the same concept. You need to be an observant speaker to make the best description.

Use verbal pictures to bring out your explanation in a more vivid way. For example, I will easily make you drool when I make you imagine biting cold a freshly cut, red, and juicy watermelon slice on a sunny afternoon. Or the mental picture I create in your mind when I tell you to imagine a swarm of bees covering the hand of a Guinness World Record contestant.

  1. Informing by demonstration

When giving out information through demonstration, your words should be accompanied by a physical demonstration. It is important to note that giving an informative speech while demonstrating or showing what you are saying is complex. It requires you to have danced psyche-motor skills.

 This skill is not easy, so you will need to practice. You will need to practice to avoid overtime, omitting important information, or even missing out on answering the audience. A good example is the chefs’ demonstration on television or YouTube channels.

  1. Informing by use of explanation

Giving out information through explaining involves sharing how a concept works, how it came to be, and answers to why it happened the way it did. While using this method of informing, a topic is broken down to allow easier understanding by your audience. The explanation is normally employed where the subject matter is too complex to understand. Informing through explanations effectively with speeches that involve processes, occasions, and issues.

Informative speech outline

By meeting the above-discussed expectations, you will need to avoid a few issues to make an informative speech even more effective. Some of them are; persuasion, overload of information, and maximizing in engaging your audience. The informative speech format comprises the introduction, body, and conclusion.

Informative speech sample

Title: how to be a persuasive speaker

General purpose: to inform

Objective: by the end of the speech, my audience should be able to identify some characteristics of an eloquent and persuasive speaker.

Thesis statement: being a persuasive speaker has seen the growth of so many companies due to improvement in the public relations in the sales and marketing departments of the respective companies.


Do you know how to start an informative speech introduction? This part lays the foundation for how to start an informative speech. Here is an outline of how best you can go about an enticing introduction;

  • Creating attention

Did you all know that everybody in this room is a potential persuasive speaker? Have you ever thought about how persuasive speakers began their journey to becoming the veteran speakers you see today? Well, this research will equip you with all it takes to become one of the renowned speakers you see around, or even better.

  • Introduction of the topic

Let us talk about how you can become an incredible persuasive speaker and all it takes.

  • Credibility and relevance

Of our love for research, we took it upon ourselves to conduct in-depth research on how most speakers we see, hear about, and listen to came to be. Most persuasive speakers across the continent were once university students, just like you; equally shy, timid, and laid back. The biographies of speakers such as Barack Obama, and Bishop T.D Jakes, among others, are examples of speakers we shall be referring to in our activities today.

The list of the speakers goes on and on as we move on. We shall be interacting in various capacities as we get to hear from your side what you could be having as a part of our today’s contribution.

Preview statement: to foster a better and deeper understanding of our topic and how to become a persuasive speaker, it is good we brainstorm on how to notice a persuasive speaker.

Transition: We will, at this moment, begin with the characteristics of persuasive speakers.


To begin with, a persuasive speaker appears very confident. The confidence of the persuasive speaker makes it easy for the audience to believe in them. Minting eye content, keeping a warm smile, and maintaining a smooth, calm, and passionate voice make it interesting for the audience to listen.

The speakers’ confidence helps reinforce their image to the audience, thereby creating a very warm relationship between the speaker and the audience. The speaker’s strong body language helps maximize the interface between them and the audience. It is a language that portrays that the speaker is conversant with the stage, has owned the audience, and is confident enough.

Body language includes grooming and body movements. How a speaker employs those aspects impacts their relationship with the audience.

Persuasive speakers are a great asset to most of their work, so even in their conversations, they answer the question of why. This is a great secret behind any successful speaker. Answering questions not asked verbally by the audience makes it interesting and entertaining for the audience hence, the craving to listen to you more.

 The use of emotional punch is another appealing characteristic of the renowned speakers. The emotional punch includes using a symbol, sign, or declaration to capture the audience’s attention at the beginning of the conversation. Emotional punches are also known as the supporting clutches for the speakers. They cement the relationship between the speaker, the audience, and the information being conveyed.

Persuasive speakers find passion in the subject as though it is their original work. The greatest secret behind a good persuasive speech is the certainty that every single word you are going to utter is true beyond any reasonable doubt. Ensure that everything you say will influence the audience’s life either directly or indirectly.

Bring out the passion of their work through talking conversationally as opposed to the way of giving a speech. Staying conversational is persuasive to the audience that the speaker is saying nothing but the truth. It creates a very honest perception of the speaker by the audience.

Persuasive speakers are fond of sharing their personal experiences so that they bring to life their information to the audience. This is a highly skillful communication approach that aims to create a good rapport with the audience. The speaker can win the minds and the hearts of the audience by so doing.

The ability of a persuasive speaker to not hesitate in repeating a concept also helps build their reputation to the audience. Communication is two-way. And the persuasive speakers have mastered this aspect so well.


Under this section, restate the thesis statement, highlight your key points, give a call to action, and appreciate your audience. Do not add new ideas. Make this paragraph as brief as possible.

The three parts of an informative speech, introduction, body, and conclusion, form the main informative speech format. You must adhere to all the sections to ensure the proper delivery of your content. This outline gives highlights on how to start an informative speech examples.

To sum up

An enticing introduction, a vast body, and a wrapping conclusion make your informative speech a good piece. Always follow the informative speech outline to score better grades on how to start an informative speech. It will help you in coming up with breath-taking informative speech examples.

Do you still experience challenges with how to start an informative speech? Kindly contact our professional writers to help you out at very affordable rates on this type of assignment or any other writing.


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