How To Write Compare And Contrast Essay Outline Point-By-Point

How To Write Compare And Contrast Essay Outline Point-By-Point

To write an A-level compare and contrast essay outline, you must understand the value of outlining your ideas. With the help of a comparison and contrast essay outline, you can compare two dissimilar or similar themes. An excellent compare and contrast essay template helps you a great deal. But first, take a look at what is a comparison essay.

Table of Contents

What Is a Comparison Essay?

Similar to how it sounds, a compare and contrast essay analyzes two objects, events, or theories and showcases their differences and similarities. The key objective of a comparative essay is to help the reader see the similarities and differences between the two phenomena. In classes like a marketing class, you could be asked to explain two several products and formulate a way to show their features and benefits.

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How To Write Compare And Contrast Essay Outline Point-By-Point
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In other cases, in a psychology class, you could be tasked to explore two distinguished therapy techniques and examine and then evaluate the outcome in a given case study. The crucial part of your paper is that you need to ensure that you back every idea you present with facts. Whenever you feel like one idea is better, you need to back it up with solid facts.

Compare and Contrast Essay Outline and Structure

Comparison and contrast essays depend significantly on empirical analysis. Two outlines for compare and contrast essay outline can help you organize your information: Use the block technique or the point-by-point method to create an outline for your compare and contrast essay.

You deliver the first topic using the block structure, describing its qualities and particulars. One block is complete. The second block uses the same strategy as the first for the second topic.

The point-by-point format enumerates each resemblance and difference concurrently, noting both topics. For instance, you can list a trait unique to one subject, followed by its resemblance or dissimilarity to the second subject.

Both compare and contrast essay outline formats have advantages and disadvantages. The block style is unquestionably simpler to write since you list all of the information about the two issues and leave the comparison to the reader. The point-by-point approach necessitates studying the arguments yourself while making similarities and differences more evident for the reader’s benefit. Below is a breakdown of the compare and contrast outline point-by-point outline.

Point-by-Point Method


  • Introduce the subject or theme
  • Be specific with your theme
  • Explain your thesis- your thesis statement should include all you want to talk about

Body Paragraph 1

  • Topic Sentence:
  • Topic 1 –
  • Argument:
  • Argument:
  • Topic 2 –
  • Argument:
  • Argument:

Body Paragraph 2

  • Topic sentence:
  • Topic 1 –
  • Argument:
  • Argument:
  • Topic 2 –
  • Argument:
  • Argument:

Body Paragraph 3 –

  • Topic sentence:
  • Topic 1 –
  • Argument:
  • Argument:
  • Topic 2 –
  • Argument:
  • Argument:


Block pattern (organization by item)

The point-by-point format is ineffective when comparing completely different products, circumstances, or topics or when several criteria are involved. Therefore, you should choose block pattern or item-based organizing.

Why? The rationale is straightforward: diverse topics, people, objects, and events do not share the same criteria. When an essay demands the exploration of multiple approaches, it is essential to learn how to structure it appropriately to facilitate reading. Create the compare and contrast essay outline using the diagram as a guide.


Describe the topic

List the events, subjects, and phenomena to compare and contrast

Thesis statement

Paragraph 1

Item A

Point 1

Point 2


Point 3

Paragraph 2

Item A

Point 1

Point 2


Point 3

Paragraph 3

Item A

Point 1

Point 2

Point 3


Summarize the topic

Explain the value of the subject

Suggest a possible solution

You can structure your block pattern differently as well. Instead of using a separate paragraph for each point, you can opt to use one block or part to list the similarities and a second paragraph to analyze the differences point by point.

At this point, you purely understand how to write a compare and contrast outline point by point, and you are ready to move ahead with writing your compare and contrast essay example.


The introduction of the compare and contrast essay is not entirely different from the rest. In this format, you introduce the general topic of your essays and the particulars, events, or situations you want to compare and contrast. Your introduction should include.

Talk about the main topic

You should start with a hook or catchy phrase, which must be specific to the subject, event, or phenomenon. You can start with a question, quote an anecdote, and anything you deem fit and relevant to the subject you will write about.

Crucial topics to compare and contrast

This is quite obvious. You cannot guess the topics you need to compare and contrast; therefore, you must have well-thought topics, events, or situations to compare and contrast. You should write a sentence to mention what you will compare and contrast in your essay.

A Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is the last point of your introduction. It explains the tone of your compare and contrast essay and grabs the reader’s attention. Your paper’s last two sentences should discuss a specific and short thesis. You have to be mean with words when writing your thesis statement. You should avoid your introduction being too long.

After the introduction, your body paragraph is the next part of writing a compare and contrast essay outline.

Body paragraphs

The number of paragraphs in the body section is not cast by stone. It depends on several factors and criteria that you have to talk about. For instance, if you want to compare and contrast two separate events, you will want to use two paragraphs. The same applies to three or four paragraphs and so on.

In some cases, you will find that the instructors or client provides many aspects to compare and contrast, and in other situations, you will have the freedom to choose the number of aspects as you move on with your research.

You will have to brainstorm if given the subject and the aspects to compare and contrast without a given number of formats to discuss the similarities and differences. Brainstorming is quite effortless. You should take a blank paper and write the first aspects on the right corner and the second on the left corner. Construct a Venn diagram and begin analyzing.


Always note that you do not necessarily need more than three aspects to discuss in your compare and contrast essay outline unless when asked to do so.

When you begin brainstorming and exploring the topic, you will get tons of differences and similarities in most cases. But you must ensure that your essay is well written, and you can’t just dump any items you feel you need to. To help you trim down what differences and similarities, you should discuss in your topic, answer these questions.

  • What’s relevant to my task?
  • What’s educative and intriguing?
  • Is this pertinent to my field of study?
  • What is crucial to the argument

You should always begin your paragraph in the body section with a compare and contrast topic sentence that focuses on the topic you will compare and contrast. Next, go ahead with the information you find when researching the topic.

Compare and contrast essays outline are not much different from other essays. You need to be extremely different. You should not just mention similarities and differences and throw in your arguments about the subjects. Every idea or opinion should be backed by solid studies, official data, statistics, and evidence. When seeking to display comparison and give some emphasis, the following connectors will come in handy.

Just as

  • In the same way
  • Same as
  • Correspondingly
  • At the same time
  • as well as
  • In addition
  • Compared to
  • Similarly
  • Likewise
  • Both

You can use connectors to show or bolster the contrasting effect, for instance:

  • However
  • Conversely
  • In contrast
  • Unlike
  • Nevertheless
  • Even though
  • although
  • Meanwhile
  • On the contrary
  • On the other hand

To achieve the best result and write an outstanding compare and contrast essay outline, you should analyze the viewpoint of an independent analysis. You should always avoid bias in your paper. The reader should not be able to automatically group you on any side of the compare and contrast essay.


The conclusion essay is the last part of the compare and contrast essay outline. You already have the introduction and body paragraph, so you are ready to conclude your compare and contrast essay. This should be a more accessible section in your essay outline example and ensure you properly structure it well. You should not simply restate your thesis statement. In other words, you should also discuss the importance of your compare and contrast essay.

Your conclusion should contain:

Summarize the key points

When beginning your conclusion, you need to summarize the key point you discussed in your essay. Synthesize your thesis with details in the body paragraph.


Give a short-detailed analysis of what you discuss in the paper and even mention the solutions. Keep in mind that the solutions you offer should be relevant to the nature of the subject.


You have to reinstate the critical topic’s significance and discuss the significance of the comparisons and contrasts. Is it easier to do this? You need to ask yourself a few questions. What is your key goal of giving the compares and contrasts between these subjects? Your answer should talk about the importance.

Parts of a thesis statement

As you craft your outline for a compare and contrast essay, you must understand the aspects you will include in your thesis statement. Your thesis statement should be catchy and intriguing to the reader. Introduce the key ideas. You need a hook phrase that will attract the interest of the reader. In this section, you will write the focal point of your subject

Evaluate your compare and contrast essay

Evaluate what you have written, and if possible, mention any potential future developments. However, you must not overlook the conclusion’s primary function, which is to offer context for the entire paper. You must determine the most effective strategy to return to your introduction as you conclude the comparison and contrast topic you are addressing.

A compare and contrast essay outline is not set in stone. Just as you write and conduct research for your article, you will discover fresh facts that may be essential. Use them in the compare and contrast essay outline college and determine how they will contribute to the overall success of the article.

Remember, even when preparing your compare and contrast essay outline, the most important that we can provide you when writing a compare and contrast essay is to have the correct mindset and actively involve the reader in the conversation. If you find it engaging, so will your reader!

Compare and contrast essay outline tips

Here are some additional tips that may help you improve your compare and contrast essay:

Comparison and contrast papers require effective transitions. Consider studying transitional phrases using the terms provided in the “Compare and Contrast Structure and Outline” section.

Clarify the concepts you introduce in your essay at all times. Always clarify obscure information; never presume that the reader already knows it.

Do not overlook proofreading. Minor errors committed in large numbers can result in a lousy grade. Pay close care to your punctuation and grammar.

Please have a friend or family member review your essay; they may catch errors you missed.

Now that you understand how to write a compare and contrast essay outline, your future essay will have a solid “skeleton.” You should begin your outline by detailing the introduction’s specifics. Then, you should choose an appropriate approach for organizing the body paragraphs and stick to it, ensuring that each paragraph contains a topic phrase. Restate the thesis statement in the conclusion sector to conclude the outline effectively.

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Compare and Contrast essay phrases

Use these compare and contrast words to transform your outline into an a-grade essay. For a flawless compare and contrast essay outline and subsequent essay, it is prudent to ensure that there are suitable transitions between ideas and that each thought contains signal phrases that introduce the comparison or contrast.

Here are some signal words to incorporate in a comparative essay:

  • Same As
  • Also
  • Comparably
  • Too
  • Like
  • Just As
  • In Addition To
  • Similarly
  • Both
  • In The Same Manner

We recommend the following terms for a contrast essay:

  • Conversely
  • In Contrast To
  • Unlike
  • Rather Than
  • Although
  • On The Other Hand
  • Contrasted With
  • While
  • More Than/Less Than
  • However

These phrases clarify the connections between the studied things, rendering them comparable or dissimilar. The bulk of signal words will appear in the paragraph that discusses the second object in a block-style arrangement of compare and contrast paragraphs. Be careful to include many of the aforementioned connecting words in the second paragraph; otherwise, you risk summarizing the characteristics of the objects instead of comparing and contrasting them.

How to choose the best Topic for A compare and contrast Essay?

The compare and contrast essay topic you will write about will impact where you will break or break your compare and contrast essay. Like any other essay, your compare and contrast essay should have a purpose and a clear direction. An ideal compare and contrast essay should expound on the available knowledge on the topic which has not been discussed or some arguments that have not yet been proven. Some of the exciting compare and contrast essay topics include:

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for 2022 on Healthcare

  1. Social Media: Positive impact or negative impact
  2. E-learning vs. Classroom Learning
  3. School vs. College: What’s New?
  4. Video Conference vs. In-person meeting
  5. Contrasting Features in Different Generations of Intel Processors
  6. Female vs. male doctors
  7. Fiction vs. NonFiction
  8. Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for 2021 on Technology
  9. Machine learning or deep learning
  10. Spotify vs. Apple Music
  11. Research Paper and Essay: What Is More Responsible?
  12. Traditional classes vs. Online course
  13. Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for 2022 in College
  14. Osteopathic and allopathic medicine: similarities and differences.
  15. College vs. Job
  16. Does the city need mobile first aid stations, or are there enough local hospitals
  17. Where is the best possible care for the sick – at home or in the hospital?
  18. Canadian Health Care and American Health Care
  19. Free Health Care and Paid Health Care
  20. Part-Time Jobs Vs. Seasonal Jobs
  21. Compare two different roles in the field (nurse to doctor)
  22. Twitter vs. Instagram
  23. Students, Who Work Vs. Unemployed Students: Who Takes the Best of This Life?
  24. Operations vs. therapeutic cancer curing.
  25. Comparing Life with Parents to Living on Campus
  26. Comparison of different cloud services
  27. Buying things online VS Buying things at a shopping mall
  28. Bachelor’s Degree vs. Associate degree
  29. Mac OS vs. Windows
  30. Apple or Google Pixel
  31. Vaccination vs. Medication
  1. Should Vaccinations be made mandatory?

Social Studies Compare and Contrast Essay Ideas

Do you need geography, history, and other social sciences to compare and contrast essays? Take a look at some of these topics?

  • World War I vs. World War II
  • Concepts of beauty today vs. concepts of beauty in the Victorian era
  • Poetry vs. Prose
  • Autobiography vs. memoir
  • Science fiction vs. historical fiction
  • The 1920s vs. 1960s American culture
  • American politics today vs. American politics during the Civil War
  • Great Depression vs. coronavirus pandemic
  • Barack Obama vs. Donald Trump
  • Reading assigned books vs. choosing your own
  • British English vs. American English
  • Reality vs. fiction in tall tales and legends
  • Book vs. the movie version
  • American Civil Rights vs. Women’s Lib
  • The mightiness of the pen vs. mightiness of the sword
  • Speaking vs. writing
  • Childhood in the 1980s vs. childhood today
  • Rural life vs. urban life
  • Abraham Lincoln vs. Barack Obama
  • Pioneers vs. first people in outer space
  • Women in 1800s literature vs. women in literature today
  • Language Arts Compare and Contrast Essay Topics
  • Baby Boomers vs. Millennials
  • You can easily write an essay for language arts comparing and contrasting different aspects of writing and reading. Try one of these ideas:
  • Formal writing vs. colloquial language
  • Email communication vs. hand-written letters
  • Compare and Contrast Essay Ideas About Daily Life

·         Cat people vs. dog people

·         Family vacation vs. summer camp

·         Getting married vs. staying single

·         Camping vs. staying in a hotel

·         Vegan vs. gluten-free

·         Homeschool vs. attending public school

·         Reality vs. your childhood dream

·         Standardized testing vs. grades

·         Getting gifts vs. giving gifts

·         Working at home vs. working in an office

·         Having siblings vs. being an only child

·         Spring vs. fall nature walks

·         Buying apples vs. planting an apple tree

·         Going away to college vs. staying local

·         Flying for travel vs. road trip

·         Fast food vs. home cooking

·         Buying food vs. growing your food

·         Popularity vs. independence

·         Fast food hamburgers vs. grilled at home

·         Movies in the theater vs. movies at home

·         Video games vs. movies

Top 10 Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

·         E-learning vs. traditional classes

·         Traditional vs. modern medicine

·         Differences between American and Asian cultures

·         Is it more effective to make calls or send emails?

·         Online shopping vs. traditional shopping

·         Living on-campus vs. off-campus

·         Is it better to drive a car or use the subway?

·         Public vs. private healthcare

·         The difference between nuclear and solar power

·        Credit cards vs. debit cards

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for High School Students

•    Sports or diets

•    Chocolate vs. marmalade candies

•    Instagram vs. printed photographs

•    Messaging vs. real communication

•    Audiobooks or paper books

•    Love vs. friendship

•    Autumn season vs. spring season

•    Silver vs. gold

•    Smart cars vs. sports bikes

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for 6th Grade

•    Active vs. passive rest

•    Two plays by Shakespeare

•    Tennis vs. badminton

•    Doctor vs. teacher

•    Rugby vs. boxing

•    Playing inside vs. outside

•    Is your character similar to your parents

•    Swimming vs. flying

•    American soccer vs. basketball

•     Ballet vs. breakdance

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for Elementary School

  • Aliens: real or not?
  • Tomatoes: are they fruits or vegetables?
  • Spring and autumn
  • New Year vs. Christmas celebration.
  • Emotional Support Animal vs. Service Animal
  • Apple vs. pear.
  • Skiing vs. swimming
  • Summer season vs. winter season.
  • Circus vs. cinema
  • Short hair vs. Long hair.

Funny Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  • Gandalf vs. Dumbledore
  • W.E.B. DuBois vs. Booker T. Washington
  • Growing a tree and raising a child
  • Cash vs. Credit Cards
  • North vs. South Pole
  • 984 vs. Fahrenheit 451
  • New England Colonies vs. Middle Colonies OR vs. Southern Colonies
  • Red vs. White (or any two colors)
  • Communism vs. Capitalism
  • Nuclear Power vs. Solar Power
  • North vs. South Before the Civil War
  • Henry VIII vs. King Louis XIV
  • Seals vs. Sea Lions
  • Chinese vs. Japanese
  • U.S. President vs. U.K. Prime Minister
  • Fred vs. Shaggy
  • Renting vs. Owning
  • Oven vs. Microwave
  • Xbox and PlayStation
  • Emily Dickinson vs. Samuel Taylor Coleridge
  • Sam vs. Frodo Baggins
  • Comedy vs. Drama
  • Strawberries vs. Apples
  • Monarchy vs. Presidency
  • Watercolor vs. Oil
  • Soccer and American football
  • Apple and Samsung
  • Saltwater Fish vs. Freshwater Fish
  • Socialism vs. Capitalism
  • Coffee and performance-enhancing drugs
  • Exercising and dieting
  • Monopolies vs. Oligopolies
  • Online vs. Traditional Education
  • Rap vs. Pop
  • Articles of Confederation vs. U.S. Constitution
  • Stocks vs. Bonds
  • Soccer vs. Football
  • Greek vs. Roman Mythology
  • Morse code and Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony
  • Diesel vs. Petroleum
  • Mozart vs. Beethoven
  • Squids vs. Octopus
  • Being single and being in a relationship
  • Mammals vs. Reptiles
  • Bats vs. Birds
  • Crocodiles vs. Alligators
  • Baleen vs. Toothed Whales
  • Jazz vs. Classical Music
  • McDonald’s and Taco Bell
  • The moonwalk and Gangnam style

Apart from a compare and contrast essay as an assignment, you could be asked to write a compare and contrast essay when applying for college. The topic listed above should come in handy.

Final thoughts

When you have a compare and contrast essay outline, you will have a roadmap towards writing an ideal compare and contrast essay. You can streamline your ideas and even brainstorm for better ideas. After gaining all the details, writing an excellent compare and contrast essay that will earn you the grades you deserve becomes easier. Use the compare and contrast essay outline listed above, and you will be good to go.

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