How to write a commemorative speech outline

Do you want to honor a person, a place, event, or idea? Writing a commemorative speech is the best way to do so. At one time in college, you will be assigned to write a commemorative speech outline. If you have no idea where to start, worry not. This guide takes you step by step on how to write a commemorative speech outline.

What is a commemorative speech?

A commemorative speech is writing that honors a person, event, group of people, place, or idea. When writing a commemorative speech, you need to be courteous and meaningful. Ensure your audience will remember what you have talked about in your solid words and expressions.

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How to write a commemorative speech outline
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Sometimes, commemorative speeches are full of emotions, while you may get inspirational messages that can motivate your audience. The speeches are a good way of bringing hope to your audience and making them believe that what seems impossible is possible with the correct attitude and effort.

Commemorative speech outline

A commemorative speech outline is a general plan of how you will organize your paper. It is a formal way of organizing a commemorative speech. An outline shows the order of your ideas and what each section or paragraph will address, among other things. It is simply a way of displaying related areas of a commemorative speech to bring out meaning.

Types of commemorative essay outline

While writing a commemorative essay, you can use different types of outlines. This includes;

  1. The topic outlines

This is a type of commemorative speech outline consisting of short phrases. It works well when you are addressing different issues in your commemorative speech and want to arrange the matters in a particular way.

  1. Sentence outline

A sentence outline is done in complete sentences. You can use it when your commemorative speech deals with a complex issue.

Both the sentence and the topic commemorative speech outline follow similar formats. They allow you to track a good organization while composing a commemorative speech. There is no specific rule on the best commemorative speech outline. Choose the one that suits you according to the issue you are addressing.

Writing a commemorative speech outline

  1. Identifying an appropriate commemorative speech topic

To compose an excellent commemorative speech, you must select a topic that will impress your audience. There are many good topics, but when selecting one, go through the following process;

  • Conduct research

Online resources include a collection of commemorative speech subjects. You can also watch videos of earlier remembrance addresses made at your institution or by famous people, etc.

  • Brainstorm different topics

By brainstorming prospective topics, you might find a topic that is pertinent to you and your situation. Consider the details you would like to provide about the subject to make your presentation and topic relevant. Or the details regarding a circumstance or occurrence you wish to impart to others. When considering what stories to include, consider the ones you might like to listen to in a speech commemorating a milestone. If you are speaking about a person, consider acceptable ways to describe them without upsetting them or anybody else.

  • Understand your audience

The audience must be the most crucial component in any successful writing or speech. They are the ones who determine if the piece was worthwhile or not. It would help if you tailored your work around the audience’s interests and characteristics to ensure you stay attractive to them. Additionally, you need to be mindful of the attendees if you mention somebody in your speech.

  • Choose a meaningful topic

An instructive speech aims to teach the audience about a specific subject in a commemorative address. Even though the primary objective of the lesson is to honor or remember something, the entire speech must clearly and purposefully convey your point. A speech writing manual will assist you in producing an engaging and impressive speech.

  • Choose a unique topic

While choosing a speech for your commemorative speech outline, ensure you are as unique as possible. Do not choose a prominent topic that another person will likely choose. However attractive an issue may seem, if addressed by one person, it loses its taste.

Different commemorative speech topics you can use for your commemorative speech outline

Interesting commemorative speech topics

  1. Remembering Luther King’s life and its effects on democracy
  2. Honoring civil rights movement pioneers
  3. Successful and motivational examples of environmental advocacy
  4. The work of a specific environmental activist
  5. Keeping in mind the veterans who bravely fought for America’s independence
  6. Keeping in mind the first World Cup champions
  7. Examples of both men and women who have devoted themselves selflessly to children
  8. paying homage to influential American presidents
  9. The background of the American constitution
  10. Barack Obama’s economic impact on the U’s
  11. Considering Lucky Dube’s life and contributions
  12. Honoring the families of those who lost family members in the 9/11 assault
  13. A tribute to the first lunar landing participant

Funny commemorative speech topics

  1. Placing a few brave police officers in the midst of terrorist attacks
  2. putting some of the most admirable Christian values in existence
  3. Donald Trump has made significant contributions to the US
  4. Honoring the forerunners of the struggles for women’s rights
  5. Honor the military personnel who defended the US Capitol by standing
  6. An honorable mention for single-parent families who have effectively raised their kids
  7. Keeping in memory of the astronauts who perished in space
  8. Honor a prominent individual advocating for civil rights
  9. Considering some of a parent’s self-sacrificing behaviors
  10. George Floyd’s life and contributions
  11. A case study of inspirational leadership in the US
  12. Police officers who backed the Black Lives Matter movement should be remembered
  13. Honoring disabled people who have made a difference in the world

Patriotism commemorative speech topics

  1. How presidents dealt with natural calamities in their nations
  2. Governors that made an effort to better their states
  3. paying tribes to fallen heroes who served their nations
  4. international figures who supported democratization
  5. Examples of individuals who devoted their entire lives to serving their nations
  6. Political figures that stood by their constituents during a period of significant loss
  7. Presidents who involved themselves in community work
  8. renowned societal leaders’ selfless deeds
  9. advocates for civil rights and democracy
  10. doctors who defended their nations during pandemics
  11. ambassadors who represented their nations
  12. Sportspeople and female athletes that showed a strong sense of country allegiance
  13. Representatives who battled for the law as examples
  14. Write your commemorative speech introduction

Start your speech with a commanding claim about the significance of the person, group, or occasion that your commemorative speech topic is addressing. Make it evident that you want to draw attention to the topic of the speech to recognize significant accomplishments. By employing metaphorical language and letting your sentiments about the speech’s subject come through, you can establish a particular relationship with the people.

  1. A hook

One of the best ways to begin a commemorative speech’s introduction is with a hook. The goal of a hook is to grab the reader’s attention. To put it another way, it is a draw. Let’s address the query, “How to create an intriguing hook?” To develop a strong hook, you can employ a variety of techniques:

  • Unbelievable fact
  • An example
  • a concern
  • A concise description
  • a saying

Here are some things to avoid when employing a hook:

  • Cliches
  • meanings from dictionaries
  • Generalizations
  • statements that are broad in scope and contain phrases like “everywhere,” “always,” etc.

You should give a general summary of your major issue and some background knowledge for the topic of your paper after presenting a compelling hook. The best technique to begin an essay introduction is by giving a general description of your issue before bringing your audience into specific details. Told, you should lay out some background information first, then gradually get more particular with your ideas.

  1. Connections

Give the audience a clearer sense of what you will be talking about throughout your commemorative speech once you have given a hook and some background knowledge about your commemorative speech topic. You should briefly address your main points in this section of your introduction, in the same sequence you will cover later, and then progressively lead your audience to your thesis statement.

In this section of your introduction, you should primarily address the following questions:

  • What?
  • Where?
  • Who?
  • Why
  • When
  • How?

You may ensure that you give your audience all the information they need to understand the subject of your speech by responding to each of these queries in two to three sentences. Be careful to make these statements brief and to the purpose, though.

Your primary objective is to progressively transition from broad to more detailed information about your topic. Consider your introduction as a positive side triangle to simplify the procedure. The attention-getting element (read: hook) is at the apex of this triangle, followed by a more detailed description of the subject, and the conclusion is an extremely specific claim. Here is some quick advice on how to use the “flipside triangle” structure to compose an essay introduction:

Make sure that each subsequent phrase in your opening is a little more focused and precise. This easy technique will assist you in gradually introducing your audience(s) to the significant body of your article. Consider that you are preparing a paper on the value of maintaining a healthy relationship. In this situation, you could start with a question like, “Have you ever considered how a great deed can influence different sectors of your life?” or even another hook. Then, you could proceed by providing extensive statistics and facts. Finally, you could constrain your topic to fit your thesis statement.

  1. Thesis statement

If you’re unsure of the best way to create an introduction, you should pay close attention to how you phrase your thesis writing. The thesis of your work is, without a doubt, the most crucial section. Given that the thesis statement of your essay serves as the foundation for the entire piece, it must be provided in the introduction.

In short, a thesis statement gives viewers a brief overview of the article’s main argument. What you will be explaining or debating in the body of your paper is your primary assertion. A strong thesis statement is often one sentence long, accurate, precise, clear, and focused. Typically, your thesis should be stated near the conclusion of your introduction.

  1. The body of a commemorative speech

In the body paragraphs of your commemorative speech essay, place your main points about the person, place, or event you commemorate. If it is about a deceased, define tribute. This section includes;

  1. The reason you are commemorating that specific person, place, or event
  2. Achievements of the person
  3. Importance of the achievements of the person, place, or event you are commemorating
  4. Make your audience emphasize the topic of discussion
  5. Summarize your commemorative speech outline

At this point, summarize everything you have said about your topic. You can conclude your commemorative speech outline by giving an anecdote or story related to your writing. Ensure your audience can emphasize what you have talked about.

  1. Edit and proofread your commemorative speech outline

Make any required revisions to your manuscript whenever you return after writing. Read your draft backward after finishing it from beginning to end. Is it still coherent? If you read your work from start to complete all the time, you could become engrossed in your ideas and miss grammatical or storyline errors.

Did you uncover any areas in need of improvement? Maintain editing your manuscript, adding or removing as necessary. You can probably determine what parts of the draft still want more development and what features are finished now that you’re a little further. If necessary, review your brainstorming notes.

Essential Factors to consider while writing a commemorative speech outline

  1. Include a personal touch

Your official commemorative speech should include three key components: what you intend to commemorate, how it has affected you and other folks, and how it will continue to play a significant role in people’s daily lives. Try to integrate personal thoughts and tales to allow easy access and avoid seeming trite.

  1. Respect your topic of discussion and the audience

The entire college will hear and evaluate your speech. Be sure to speak with confidence, stick to the facts, and understand your audience. Consider what they could find intriguing, how your speech will affect them, and how they might respond to certain things.

  1. Think from your head as you speak from the heart

The audience can typically tell when the speaker delivers a speech on a topic that the audience does not find exciting or believe to be essential. Your body language, tone, and word choice all reveal it. Use your emotions to communicate your sincere gratitude for the persons, occasion, or location you are honoring, and use your mind to ensure that your speech is intelligent, suitable, and insightful.

Commemorative speech outline template

Be mindful of the importance of emotions in the language when writing a memorial speech. A deceased, who had three siblings, may have passed away in Pittsburgh. However, commemorative addresses might not even bring up those details. They act as a celebration of relationships and beliefs. As a result, a commemorative-style eulogy could be a fantastic option for a memorial ceremony.

The key points are the same whether you’re preparing a commemorative speech outline mother, buddy, or coworker. These speeches are typically delivered at weddings, college commencements, and funerals. Thus, there are a lot of advice options. The importance of specificity is one that you should keep in mind as you look over the templates below. The best memorial speeches stand out by being highly particular and intimate.

Commemorative speech examples

If you want to write a commemorative speech and maybe have no idea where to start, you can check the commemorative speech outline format example online. Here is an example of a commemorative speech outline for a woman who changed the world in her way:

“We’re here now to honor the artist who ornamented this structure. Jennifer was her name. You can already see her artwork all everywhere if you look. Tablecloths have embroidery on them. Jennifer was a lifetime artist, which is why we had accessibility to so much of her output. She produced enough artwork to adorn immense structures.

Jennifer and I went to the same primary school, but even then, she was the highlight of the art courses. Everybody was drawing line drawings and eating glue during the finger-painting era. Jennifer was producing works of art. The term “child prodigy” was frequently used, and it was accurate. By the time we reached middle school, everyone wanted her to support them when it had come to research papers with illustrations. Jennifer, though, was inventive. She refused to put her talent to use in commonplace ways.

Jennifer then began imitating the masters. Not for financial gain and not for illicit activity. She performed it to demonstrate her skill. The works by Maggie were difficult to distinguish as her talent expanded over time.

She was so inventive that she had the foresight to avoid matching hues. She had to capture the spirit and feel of the artwork accurately, which she eventually did. Jennifer was able to visit these displays before she passed away because some of her works are now displayed in museums as copies.

Example of a commemorative speech about parents

“Today, we’re assembled to honor a woman who lived an entire life for ninety-eight years. We’re here to celebrate a mom, a racing driver, and a business person. One of the most formidable, most fearless ladies I’ve ever known was my mother.

She had objectives, one of which was to bring up contented, independent children. It makes no sense to depend on others to make you happy. She showed it to me. There are no fundamental limitations, according to the majority of parents. Mom proved to me that it was accurate.

My parent’s, mother taught me to drive because she was a sports car salesperson and driver. Most young people fear their first time behind the wheel! My mother would not support it. She encouraged me to understand how valuable and enjoyable cars might be.

Our driver’s education lessons soon moved to the racetrack. Once I decided to let go of all restrictions, there were no restrictions on my abilities or the pleasure I could have. Naturally, Mother didn’t believe in pointless limitations as she aged. She continued to drive because of her excellent health. Even after turning 80, she continued to race and sell sports automobiles!

The courage and determination of my mother to take risks and do something that others may find peculiar have left a legacy for us, her children. She started her own company and modified and sold sports automobiles.

It was unusual for a woman to run a firm in the auto sector. Nevertheless, it succeeded because of my mother’s outlook and dedication. She passed the company to her kids, a lineage we are currently carrying on and reaping the rewards of today.

My mother wouldn’t want a lengthy statement if she were here now. She would like us to discuss her speed records or the number of automobiles she sold through her own company. She would like to be regarded for both her personality and her actions. She addressed her time on this earth with an attitude that has influenced me forever.

There are many other free commemorative speech examples online. Read different types to understand. This can be a commemorative speech example best friend, a prominent person, a particular leader, or any other person. You can choose to commemorate anyone who you feel has impacted lives in one way or another.

To sum up

Writing a commemorative speech outline has never been made this easy. Choose a good topic through research and brainstorming. Write a catchy introduction to attract your audience’s attention. Use the right words whether you are commemorating a person, place, or event. Conclude by giving an exciting anecdote or story to make your audience relate the topic to their lives.

If you still need help writing a compelling commemorative speech, reach out to our professional writers on our website. We will help you write the most outstanding commemorative speech outline to move your professors.


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